One thing you can do to improve your mindset when selling is to view yourself more as a helper when talking to prospects. This can be helpful because when you are in product selling mode, it can be easy to view yourself as a “taker”—you are calling prospects to initially take their time so that you can talk to them about your product. And ultimately, you want to take their money when you get them to buy what you are trying to sell. This type of thinking can make you feel like you are bothering the prospects you are pursuing, which is a weaker and more negative mindset.

To improve this, view yourself more as a giver than a taker. One thing that will help you to view yourself more as a giver or helper is if you become more aware of the value that you offer and the improvements you can create for the prospect.

For example, if you sell a pill that helps someone to sleep better at night, instead of seeing the situation as you trying to sell your pill, view it as you are trying to help the prospect to improve his or her life by sleeping better at night.