Sales Scripter allows you to automate the delivery of your emails in a few different ways.

Mass Email
Sales Scripter will come preloaded with a library of email templates. You can either use the emails that are provided, customize the emails, or add your own email templates. Once you add your contacts to the Sales Scripter CRM, it is extremely easy and quick to fire off your email templates, and you can send an email to an individual contact or to a group of contacts.

If you send the email to a group of contacts, the system will perform a mail merge to insert the contact’s name and any other linked details to make the email appear to be sent as a one-to-one email.

Create a Series of Emails
It is extremely easy to create a series of emails in Sales Scripter. The system is actually already loaded with many different email threads that you can either use as is or create your own.

When you send an email thread out of the Sales Scripter CRM, all of the future emails will get scheduled out and go out automatically according to the scheduled timing for the series of emails. You can send an email thread to either one contact or a group of contacts.

Create Email Campaigns
If you want to get a little more sophisticated with your email automation, you can turn your email threads into email campaigns. The difference between email threads and email campaigns in the Sales Scripter CRM is that where you send email threads to contacts, with email campaigns, you actually add contacts to the campaign, and contacts will work their way through the series of emails.

This subtle difference provides you with more capabilities and functionality in terms of how you manage the contacts and the email templates.