In this short video, we provide a demonstration of the Sales Message Builder in Sales Scripter.

The sales message builder is a step-by-step process to help you brainstorm and organize the best things to say for the product or service that you sell. Not only will the process and tool help you organize all of your thoughts and what you need to communicate, but it will help you create the most optimum and attention-grabbing sales message for what you sell. Once you have a sales message saved in Sales Scripter, the software will use your details to populate a full library of documents in the sales playbook. This is how we are able to provide you with a library of sales documents and tools that are custom-tailored for your product and industry.


Prewritten Sales Messages
We have gone through the sales message builder in Sales Scripter and answered the questions for many commonly sold products and services to create a full library of prewritten sales messages. You can use any of the preloaded sales messages to fill the documents in the sales playbook and skip the process of answering the questions in the sales message builder.

Here is a video that explains what is available and how the preloaded sales messages work.