It may sound a little far-fetched to imagine changing the way you think, but there are some very small and practical things that you can do to modify how you think and feel while selling and talking with prospects.


Value Awareness

If you are in more of a product selling mode and trying to talk prospects into wanting what you sell, it can be easy to have your product and its features primarily at the front of your mind. And with that type of mindset, you can feel like you are bugging prospects because you are interrupting them to talk about what you sell. But if you try to replace the product details that are in the front of your mind with all of the value points that your product provides, you can feel less like you are bugging and more like you are helping.


View Yourself as a Giver

When you are in product selling mode, it can be easy to view yourself as a “taker”—you are calling prospects to initially take their time so that you can talk to them about your product. And ultimately, you want to take their money when you get them to buy what you are trying to sell. This type of thinking can make you feel like you are bothering the prospects you are pursuing, which is a weaker and more negative mindset.


Eliminate Weak Language

If a salesperson is operating more as a taker, he or she might feel less confident about the reason for contacting a prospect, and this can lead to the salesperson using weaker language than he or she should. For example, many salespeople will open a call or email by saying something similar to one of the following:

I know you are busy right now.
I will try to not take too much of your time.
I am sorry to bother you.
I will make this really quick.

Try to eliminate using language like this when talking with your prospects. Not only does this make you look like a salesperson who is trying to sell something, but using this language can also impact your mindset.


Sales Affirmations

This next tip may sound a bit fluffy, but there is a concept of using affirmations to improve your mindset. An affirmation is a positive statement that is a reminder of your strengths or something good in your life. Having these reminders can be helpful because we often think about our problems, weaknesses, or what is not going well and sometimes completely forget what is good. If you focus more on the negative stuff in your life, you will have a more negative mindset. And if you think more about the positive, you will have a more positive mindset.