The Do’s and Don’ts of Cold Calling Ebook

Cold calling can be difficult. But there are clear things that you can do and stop doing to immediately make it easier and we outline those in this ebook - The Do's and Don'ts of Cold Calling.   Sign up for our newsletter and you will receive an email with all of our ebooks Email Address First Name Last Name


How to Make Setting B2B Appointments Easy

Setting B2B appointments can be tough. Once you do finally get a prospect on the phone, you only have a couple of minutes to work with and it can sometimes be a hostile environment. But don’t worry as we have developed a B2B appointment setting sales methodology that not only makes this process easier, it will also produce better results. We [...]


How to Build Email Drip Campaigns that Convert Sales

When we hear the prospect say “No”, it can often be the case that the prospect is not saying, “No, never”. More so, they are really saying “No, not right now”. This is because prospects are often not ready to purchase at the exact moment when you get in front of them. This is not a result of your product [...]



The SMART Sales System is designed to increase your sales by helping you to improve the most powerful sales tool you have - the words you say when talking with prospects. SMART stands for Sales Messaging and Response Tactics and with that, the system provides clarity for what to say and do during every step of the sales process. The [...]


How to Build Sales Campaigns that Sell Ebook

Every company has something to sell. And there are usually teams of both sales and marketing resources that are tasked with trying to figure out the best ways to increase sales. The more coordinated these resources work in terms of the strategic direction and what is communicated, the more successful the organization will be as a whole. One way to [...]


How to Build a Value Proposition that Generates Leads Ebook

Building a value proposition can often be difficult. So much to say and such little time to get the point across. And what do we say that is really going to grab the prospect's attention and make them interested? Worry no longer. This ebook will show you a methodology that will help you to identify the core value that you [...]


How to Get Around Cold Call Objections Ebook

You are guaranteed to face objections on just about every cold call. This is when the prospect says something to try to get rid of you: "I am busy right now." "What is this call in regards to?" "Is this a sales call?" "Just send my your information." "We  are not interested." "We already use somebody today." "We are not [...]