SalesScripter is a subscription service that you subscribe to on a monthly basis. It is $49 per user per that is using the software per month. You can purchase an annual subscription and save over 40%.  You can also cancel your account at any time.

You can sign up for SalesScripter for one month and get all of your scripts and use for only one month. But there are some reasons to keep your subscription open.

  • Software updates: We update the software in terms of functionality and new scripts and sales templates every week. If you keep your subscription open, you will have the ability to benefit from and access all of the new enhancements.
  • Your products changes: Your products may change requiring your messaging and scripts to change. If you have your account active, you can easily go back to the scripter and make the updates and changes that are needed.
  • You want to launch a new campaign: From time-to-time, you may want to change up your messaging and launch a new approach. If your account with all of your information at SalesScripter is active, you can easily go back into the system to make tweaks and modifications to your messaging strategy and scripts.
  • Sharing scripts: You can use the scripter to share scripts with members of your sales team. The real power in this can come from your team sharing data with each other on an ongoing basis.
With the monthly subscription, you will be charged when you create your account and then charge every month on that day until you close your account. With the annual subscription, you will pay for the full year when you open your account and will then be charged every year on that day until you close your account. Payment can be maid via most major credit cards
It is very easy to can cancel your account at any time. Simply go to the Membership area when logged into the software can click on the Payment History tab and then select “Cancel Subscription”.



  • Many people believe that using sales scripts is a bad thing and that they do not work. We do agree that if you use a script and read directly from it when talking with a prospect, you are not going to make the best impression and not have consistent positive interactions.
  • This is why we focus more on developing lists of questions and points to make in place of developing a page long script that should be read directly from. When you have a list of key things to say, you can then use that as a guide when prospecting and this can help to greatly improve your results and consistency.
  • SalesScripter actually asks you questions about what you sell and the prospects that you sell to. The answers you provide to all of the questions are what feeds into the script library and documents.
  • This means that not only are the scripts custom tailored to your situation, but also that the strength and quality of the scripts that are produced somewhat depend on how well you answer the questions.
  • But the majority of the tactics and that the scripts employ have all been fully tested and proven to be effective in a telesales outsourcing operation.
SalesScripter actually asks you questions about what you sell and the prospects that you sell to. The answers you provide to all of the questions are what feeds into the script library and documents. This is what allows the scripter to produce scripts that are custom tailored to your situation.
The scripter will require you to answer some questions in order to populate the scripts and templates. You can answer as few as 7 questions and have scripts to work with and that can take as short as 10 minutes. Beyond that, the more questions you select to answer and fill out, the longer the process can take.
SalesScripter will walk you through a series of questions that will ask you about what you sell and how you help your clients or customers. These questions are designed to extract the key details about what you have to offer and the challenges that you help to resolve. From there, all of these powerful details are plugged into a library of sales scripts, templates, and tools
SalesScripter is a powerful tool when filled out, but it can be easy for questions to come up during the process. We are here to help and have a number of different options for accessing help and support:

  • Check out our blog with posts that explain some of the topics and principles.
  • We have put together a number of training videos to help demonstrate how to fill out and use SalesScripter.
  • We have a book that is aligned with the tool and can explain all of the concepts in more detail.
  • We offer weekly webinars to help provide help and information.
  • We have a web-based sales training program that goes through all of these concepts in great detail.
  • If you would like one-on-one help, we offer a service that provides help filling out your form and not only do we help to explain the tool, but we also help you to wordsmith your answers.
When your answers to questions gets populated into the scripts, you can actually click on the part of the script that is your info and edit it right there to make any changes. The text that is already in the script is fixed and cannot be edited. If you would like to edit the fixed text, you can copy the content and dump into a format like Microsoft Word and edit from there.


Partner Program

  • When you are a SalesScripter user on any subscription level, you automatically become a SalesScripter affiliate. In our affiliate program, you will get 30% of any subscriber fees for users that you refer over.
  • The only thing that needs to happen is that the referred user will need to come to SalesScripter from your affiliate URL, which can be found on the Affiliate Tab in your membership area.
  • When they come to the site by clicking on your link, a cookie will be stored on their device. Since a cookie will be installed, we will be able to know they came from you even if they come back at another time and do not use your affiliate URL.
  • You will be paid at the beginning of each month a commission for any referred users and payments are made through Paypal.
In our affiliate program, you will get 30% of any subscriber fees for referred users for the life of the user.
You can find out more details about our affiliate program at our page.