The software and tool set provided by SalesScripter aligns with a full sales prospecting methodology. This methodology makes selling easy for a salesperson of any skill level by providing clarity around what exactly to do at every step of the sales process.

How We Differ
There are a lot of sales training methodologies out there. We differ from those in some very clear ways:

  • A consultative selling approach that focuses on asking the right questions at the right time
  • Counterintuitive tactics that draw prospects in instead of pushing them away
  • Tactics that are easy to learn and implement, regardless of skill and experience level
  • Provide clarity for exactly what to do instead of motivational fluff

Sales Training Content
We have broken our sales training content down into four modules:

Week 1

  • Ideal Sales Process: Educates the salesperson on how to manage the early stages of sales prospecting cycles
  • Appointment Setting: Overview An overview on how to set appointments
  • How to Cold Call: Overview of how to cold call and cold call best practices
  • Voicemail: Voicemail message methodology

Week 2

  • Sales Messaging Overview: Introduction and overview of powerful messaging concepts like value, pain, qualifying questions, building interest, objection responses
  • Connecting with Prospects: How to get operate with the challenge of getting prospects on the phone
  • Objections Training: How to get around objections
  • Ideal Prospect : How to better understand what your ideal prospect looks like
  • Qualify Training: How to screen prospects so that you spend time with ideal prospects

Week 3

  • Value Proposition: How to communicate the value that you offer
  • Pain: How to find and focus on prospect pain
  • Dealing with Gatekeepers: How to get around gatekeepers
  • Disqualify: How to perform the perfect takeaway

Week 4

  • Building Rapport Interest Credibility: Overview of small things that can help to build rapport interest and credibility
  • Improving mental strength: How to improve and build mental strength when selling
  • Closing: How to improve your close rate