Our solution is a three-legged stool: a software application, coaching/consulting, and sales training.

Our software application and our sales training program completely align and match up. So if you like our software, you will get the most out of it by go through our sales training. And if you like our sales training, then our software will help you to implement and adopt all of the tips and tactics taught in our training.

Access All of Our Training on YouTube for Free!
While other sales training programs will cost you thousands of dollars, you can actually access our full library of content on our YouTube channel at no cost by clicking here.

The reason that we offer access to our training at no cost is that our business model is to establish a relationship with you by getting you to be user of our software application. And to prove to you the value of the system and methodology, we put our training out there for free.

Our logic is, if you love our training, you will love our software and will sign up at some point. And if you don’t love our methodology, then maybe our software is not a fit. And if you do not have money to spend on our software or services, then we hope that you can use our free training to improve yourself and your business.

Sales Training is Organized in Three Playlists
There are hundreds of videos on our YouTube channel so we have organized the key training modules that you should watch into a certain order and on a few different playlists.

Sales Prospecting Basics
This is a playlist of videos that has what we view as the key foundational concepts that you should work on immediately if you are either needing to improve or wanting to adopt our methodology.

If you are new to sales or if you hire a new salesperson, this is a good playlist of videos to go through at the beginning of starting a job. And ideal schedule would be to watch one video a day and complete the program in a window of one to two weeks.

Sales Prospecting Advanced Techniques
We believe the brain is a sponge and you can only pour so much water on it at one time. As a result, we have separated some of the more advanced concepts and put them on this advanced techniques playlist.

The recommendation would be to work on the basics for a couple of months and once you are comfortable with what you learned in that program, then you can move on to the more advanced concepts. A recommended schedule would be to start this program a couple of months after you complete the basics and go through one or two modules per week.

SMART Sales System Sales Training
This is a playlist that includes our full library of training content and what we have branded under the name SMART (Sales Messaging and Response Tactics) Sales System.

This includes all of the modules from the basics and advanced learning paths, but also includes modules that are designed more for business owners or sales managers.

For example, this playlist includes a module about creating email drip campaigns. This is not something that a front-line salesperson typically has any responsibility over so it is not included in the basics or advanced programs but included here in this comprehensive list of modules.