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2202, 2018

How to Create Email Templates that Save Time and Boost Sales

By |February 22, 2018|Email Marketing, Inside Sales, Lead Generation, Sales Emails, Sales Pitch, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips, Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

We spend a lot of our day sending emails to prospects. Imagine if there were a way to use templates and automation to not only decrease how much time we spend in that area, but what if this process also improved your ability to get engaged and sell to these prospects. Would that be helpful […]

3005, 2017

Free Sales Training – Inbound Sales Day 2017

By |May 30, 2017|Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

I came across what appears to be some great and free sales training and I wanted to share it for those that might have an interest and that might not know about this.

The event is called Inbound Sales Day and it appears to be hosted or led by Hubspot. It Looks like there is a […]

1405, 2017

Sales Prospecting Basics Sales Training Program

By |May 14, 2017|Cold Calling, Inside Sales, Lead Generation, Sales Methodology, Sales Prospecting, Sales Training, Telemarketing, Telesales, Training Videos|0 Comments

This video embed is a our YouTube playlist that has our full Sales Prospecting Basics sales training program.

Please Note Playlist Icon
In the top left corner of the video is an icon that you can click on to navigate to other videos in the Sales Prospecting Basics sales training program. If you would prefer to see […]

2702, 2016

Sales Training Webinar – How to Consistently Get Around Sales Objections

By |February 27, 2016|Sales Methodology, Sales Objection Rebuttals, Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips, Training Videos|0 Comments


You are guaranteed to face sales objections when you are in the field and on the phone. In this sales training webinar, we present how to get around and defuse the objections that will stand in your way.



Sales Objections that You Can Anticipate
Regardless of what you sell, you can anticipate running into some of […]

2502, 2015

Selling is Tough

By |February 25, 2015|Cold Calling, Sales Management, Sales Prospecting, Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

Selling can be tough. So we thought we would try to add a little humor to the process and try to brighten up your day. Please enjoy this video that we put together.

3001, 2014

Getting Started with SalesScripter

By |January 30, 2014|Training Videos|0 Comments

SalesScripter is a powerful tool but sometimes it can be unclear where to start or how to get going. Here is a playlist of videos to help get you going in the right direction.


2211, 2013

Using Content Marketing to Generate Leads

By |November 22, 2013|Building Interest, Communicating Value, Lead Generation, Sales Growth, Training Videos|0 Comments

Michael Halper, CEO of SalesScripter, recently presented at Email World 2013 on how to use content marketing to improve lead generation. Here is a recording of the presentation.

Producing good content is becoming increasingly more important when it comes to excellence in the areas of sales and marketing. You need to have good content that grabs […]

611, 2013

Call Script Demonstration

By |November 6, 2013|Cold Call Script, Cold Calling, Sales Coaching, Sales Prospecting, Training Videos|0 Comments

SalesScripter produces many different sales call scripts. And while all of the call scripts are a little different from one another, there is one consistent characteristic and that is that the scripts all use an outline structure.

This outline structure provides a more usable framework for a couple of reasons. First, an outline makes it much […]

2910, 2013

Building Credibility While Sales Prospecting

By |October 29, 2013|Sales Prospecting, Sales Tips, Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

There are two different times when it is important to build credibility while performing sales prospecting –  1) when dealing with gatekeepers and 2) when trying to get the prospect to move forward.

Dealing with Gatekeepers

The gatekeeper will typically be responsible for keeping out pesky sales people. As a result, when they answer an incoming call, […]

2410, 2013

Use Sales Role-Play to Improve Your Results

By |October 24, 2013|Cold Calling, Sales Coaching, Sales Prospecting, Sales Scripts, Sales Tips, Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

Building a sales script it s good step in the right direction. But one critical step to take after that is to practice the script and to perform some sort of sales role-play.

The last thing that you want to do is read from a script when sales prospecting. And just reading over the script and […]

1910, 2013

Building Interest when Sales Prospecting

By |October 19, 2013|Building Interest, Sales Prospecting, Sales Training, Training Videos|0 Comments

It can be easy for us to feel like there is not a lot that we can do to build interest when performing sales prospecting. Either the prospect will need and want our product or they won’t. And with that being the case, we can fall into believing that all we can really do is […]

1110, 2013

Getting Around Prospect Objections

By |October 11, 2013|Cold Calling, Sales Objection Rebuttals, Sales Pitch, Sales Scripts, Sales Tips, Training Videos|0 Comments

Unfortunately, you are guaranteed to run into objections on just about every cold call. Either it is the prospect simply being busy or that they are not interested or that they ask you to just send your information.

These objections can not only be challenging, they can also be down right frustrating and sometimes ruin your […]