If you are in more of a product selling mode and trying to talk prospects into wanting what you sell, it can be easy to have your product and its features primarily at the front of your mind. And with that type of mindset, you can feel like you are bugging prospects because you are interrupting them to talk about what you sell. But if you try to replace the product details that are in the front of your mind with all of the value points that your product provides, you can feel less like you are bugging and more like you are helping.

Making this change so that you think more about your value points is called increasing your value awareness, and it is basically staying aware of the value that your product has to offer. An example of how this can help you is that if your product helps to reduce employee injuries, by keeping this at the front of your mind, you will feel better about what you are trying to sell because preventing injuries is extremely helpful for both the employer and employees. With that detail in the front of your mind, you should feel more confident about calling your prospect because you have something that is very important and helpful to offer. Not only will keeping the value at the front of your mind help to improve your mindset, but it will also help you to remember to share your value points when you talk with prospects.

In order to become more value aware, you first have to have clarity around the value that your product offers, and that was discussed in Chapter 6 of The SMART Sales System where we showed you a process for outlining the value that you offer. The next thing you will need to do is to remind yourself of that value periodically. For example, when you are about to call a prospect, you can stop yourself for a few seconds and think about all of the ways you could potentially help the prospect you are about to talk to.