In addition to any standard CRM functionality, here are some features that are worth considering when trying to determine if our CRM is a fit for you:

The Sales Scripter CRM includes gamification, where points are accrued for different actions performed by both the salesperson and the prospect. Here are some examples of the points that are generated and tracked by the gamification functionality:

  • Emails sent – 1 point
  • Emails opened – 1 point
  • Email link clicked – 3 point
  • Call made – 1 point
  • Call answered – 1 point
  • Meeting completed – 5 points
  • Demo/presentation provided – 5 points
  • Quote/proposal sent – 5 points

The points generated are displayed in a variety of different places in the CRM, and this will not only help to increase motivation across the sales team but also provide visibility for management in terms of what each rep is doing.

If you would like to see a demo of this feature, click here.

Prospect Qualifier
The CRM provides a feature called the Prospect Qualifier, which is an area that displays all of the questions that you can ask in order to fully qualify the prospect. Not only does this feature display all of the different questions you should be asking, but there is also a place to enter notes and score the prospect’s answer, enabling you to give a quantitative score for each prospect and opportunity.

If you would like to see a demo of this feature, click here.

Email Guesser
The Sales Scripter CRM includes a tool called the Email Guesser. This tool will combine the three values of First Name, Last Name, and Company Website to create the most common variations of business inbox email addresses for the contact and then perform a test ping on each combination to provide you with the contact’s business email address.

If you would like to see a demo of this feature, click here.

Sales Playbook
One of the ways that the Sales Scripter CRM is different from any other CRM out there is that it is integrated with the Sales Scripter Sales Playbook. This means that when you are reaching out to contacts that are in the CRM, you will only be a couple of clicks away from a full library of call scripts, email templates, objection responses, and more.

If you would like to see a demo of this feature, click here.

The Sales Scripter CRM integrates with many different CRM applications, allowing you to automatically send contacts and notes created from Sales Scripter to any other CRM that you might be using. The reason customers use this integration is that they might already have a CRM application that they have been using for an extended period of time, and they decide to augment that with the SalesScripter CRM.

A couple of reasons a business may do this is that they may want their lead gen or SDR team to use the SalesScripter playbook, email automation, and CRM during outbound prospecting. With our integrations, this is easy to do because all of the data created by the sales team that is working on the SalesScripter side will be sent over automatically to the main CRM application database that the business is using.

For more information on our integration capabilities, click here.