Here is a list of sales scripts that are included in the sales playbook library in SalesScripter.

  • Cold Call Script – Value Intro
  • Cold Call Script – Pain Intro
  • Cold Call Script – Name Drop Intro
  • Cold Call Script – Product Focus
  • Cold Call Script – Close Intro
  • Cold Call Script – Event Follow-Up
  • Cold Call Script – Sent Info Email Follow-Up
  • Cold Call Script – Customer Check-In and Cross-Sell
  • Cold Call Script – Website Document Download
  • Cold Call Script – LinkedIn Connections
  • Cold Call Script – Customer Check-In and Cross-Sell
  • Inbound Call Script
  • First Appointment Script
  • Networking Script
  • Responses to Objections and Frequently Asked Questions
  • Video Email Message – Value Points
  • Video Email Message – Pain Points
  • Video Email Message – Name Drop
  • Video Email Message – Product
  • Cold Call Voicemail Script – Value
  • Cold Call Voicemail Script – Pain
  • Cold Call Voicemail Script – Product
  • Cold Call Voicemail Script – Name Drop
  • Cross-Sell Voicemail Script – Value
  • Cross-Sell Voicemail Script – Pain

When you create your account, your sales playbook library will be loaded with all of these templates and they will be filled in about 60 to 70% with some places and bullet points not filled in. What happens is that when you go through the sales message builder and enter your information, the software fills in all of these documents with your answers.

All of these documents can be accessed in three different formats:

  • Document View: The document view displays the script in a traditional document view where you can view and scroll through the sections of the script like a normal document from top to bottom.
  • Interactive View: The interactive script view is a fixed screen display view that displays the script on a single screen view and you can advance to different sections of the script by clicking large buttons.
  • Download to Microsoft Word: You can download the document view version to Microsoft Word and view, edit, and save to your local PC.

After you answer just a few questions, the software will create all of these scripts. You can use the scripts exactly as they are or you can easily edit any of the documents to add or delete anything that is needed to make the scripts fit perfect for you.