From January 1, 2019 until December 31, 2019, below are the terms for the SalesScripter Affiliate Program.

How it Works
When you sign up for SalesScripter, you will have an option to opt in to our affiliate program in the members areas. As an affiliate, you will have a link to the main SalesScripter website is tied to your account.

When a visitor comes to the SalesScripter site from your link, a cookie will be installed on their computer. If that user signs up at any point, the cookie will be detected and will register that sales to your affiliate account and trigger a commission.

Getting Set Up
If you log into SalesScripter and go to the membership area, you will see a tab for Affiliate Info. If you go to that tab, you will be able to access the link that is tied to your affiliate account. Traffic that comes to SalesScripter from your link will all be tied to your account and when someone signs up, you will be tagged as the referrer for that customer and will get commissions for all revenue that we receive from that customer for the entire time they stay a customer with us.

If you want to ever want to direct someone to SalesScripter, be sure to use your link so that you get credit if they sign up.

Commission Structure
As an affiliate, you will receive 30% of all revenue for monthly subscriptions of users that come to from one of your affiliate links. This will continue for the entire life of the subscriber.

Commission Payments
Commissions are all paid through Paypal and will be distributed on the 1rst of every month.