It is SalesScripter’s mission to make selling easier for sales people and business owners and as a result, help those individuals to drive improvements in sales performance and career growth.

The truth is, sales is tough.  It’s a tough job that only a select few ever even attempt.  It’s a tough position to hire, train and manage for if you’re the boss.  The most vital role in any company, finding customers and producing revenue, is also the least understood and suffers from the highest turnover rates.

The majority of sales professionals improvise what they say when talking with prospects. Inconsistent communication leads to inconsistent results and thus, the notorious challenges of professional selling.

The roots of SalesScripter began while Michael Halper, author of The Cold Calling Equation and founder and CEO of Launch Pad Solutions, built and ran a telesales operation that made cold calls for other businesses. By launching campaign after campaign, Halper was essentially operating in an incubator where he could test and develop a portfolio of sales tactics and scripts that were proven to be effective.

Once the framework of scripts and templates began to take shape, Halper realized that he was asking all of his clients the same questions while building out their sales messaging strategies. This was the real “aha!” moment as he realized that if he could build a tool that a sales professional could go through and answer his standard line of questioning, all of the provided answers could then be mapped to fill in a library of sales scripts and templates.

Where hours of sales training, coaching, or consulting are normally required, now a sales professionals could simply spend 30 to 60 minutes in a web-based tool and immediately improve their sales performance by identifying exactly what to say when talking with prospects.