In this video, we discuss how to sell like an inspiring politician. Regardless of which way we each lean in terms of politics, we all can picture political leaders who inspire us. And since running for a political position is a sales job, we can look at what some of these leaders do to motivate millions of people to follow and support them to get ideas for how to improve our own sales efforts.

They Have a Message

The first thing to talk about with how to sell like an inspiring politician is that they all have a message. A politician does not improvise and try to think on the fly for what to say when giving speeches and being interviewed. What they do instead is have a message that, at a bare minimum, has details on who they are and what they will do if they are elected.

With a campaign message in place, it can then be very clear for what to say when giving speeches, debating with opponents, being interviewed by the media, and talking to supporters and donors.

At a minimum, a politician will include details about who they are and what they will do in their message. The average politicians might stop there and these are the politicians that might have good ideas, experience, and intentions, but by stopping there in terms of message, they will not connect as well with the audiences they communicate with.


They Have a Good Message

Now let’s look at what can be done to take the campaign message to the next level and that will help to explain how to sell like an inspiring politician.


Focus on improvements
In addition to talking about what they will do if elected, they do a good job of explaining what that will do in terms of improvements. Policies can be both complicated and boring. Those that successfully communicate and motivate simplify that down to very easy to understand improvements that people can both see and want.

Talk about problems
Another thing successful politicians do is talk about the problems they are going to help solve.

Tailor the message to the audience
A politician could just have one message that they use for everybody they communicate with. However, different groups of people have different interests and concerns. With that, to communicate better and be more persuasive, a politician can create different messages that are tailored to the things the audiences he or she talks to.


Converting to Sales

Now that we can see a few things for how to sell like an inspiring politician, we can convert those to sales and get ideas for how to be a more persuasive salesperson.

  1. Create a sales message that includes all of the key details about your product and company
  2. Go one step further to focus on the improvements your product can deliver
  3. Talk about the problems you can make go away
  4. Use as the foundation that all of your sales tools and communications can be built on
  5. Tailor your messaging to the audiences you communicate with

We hope this gives you ideas for how to sell like an inspiring politician!