While working as a salesperson, you are guaranteed to face some amount of rejection on a daily basis, regardless of how good of salesperson you are. You are simply going to come across prospects that do not need what you sell.

From a percentage perspective, you could actually talk to more prospects who do not need what you sell than those who do. This can create internal doubt for you and make you feel like people do not need what you sell, and you might begin to lose confidence in your product, your company, and your sales abilities.

If that starts to happen, you can start to feel like you are bugging prospects when you reach out to them because nobody needs what you sell. Not only is this not a good mindset to have, it is actually not accurate in terms of what is going on.

I say this because the reality is that if the product or service that you sell delivers some sort of value and helps in some sort of way, then there are people out there who need your help. If there are people out there that need your help, you can improve your mindset and sales performance by trying to keep in the front of your mind that people need what you sell.

Yes, you will encounter a lot of people who either do not need what you sell or have already purchased what you sell. When you talk to these people, you will likely face some type of rejection. Do not let that rejection bother you or get you down because those are just some of the people who do not need what you sell. You are going to come across them and when you identify someone that does not need what you sell, you are actually being productive because you have identified someone that you need to get out of your way and not waste any of your time on.