This is a real cold call example from a recent LinkedIn connection. We have taken the call recording of the cold call and broken it down to create a play-by-play analysis to outline what the sales person does well and what could have been done better.

One thing that I think this cold call example shows is how awkward and unproductive asking the question of “how are you doing today” can be on a cold call. When you don’t know someone, in my opinion it just comes off as a cheesy salesperson that is trying to manufacture rapport. Instead of asking how the prospect is doing, ask if you have caught them in the middle of anything.

The other big thing that I think she could have done better on this call is she I think she tried to have a meeting or appointment at the same time as the cold call example by sharing a lot of information about what she is trying to sell me on. This is maybe the biggest mistake that she made in my opinion because I was not ready for all of the information that she had to share and as result she did not do a good job at building interest.

My recommendation for the salesperson would be to try to have a shorter call that focuses more on me (the prospect) and share less information and the information shared should be designed to generate interest. And the level of interest does not need to be built to a level where the prospect (me) wants to buy or sign up. More so, you are just trying to build interest to a level where the prospect is interested enough to agree to move to the next step in the sales process, which is the meeting.

I know all of those tips might not make sense and because of that, at the end of the real cold call example play-by-play, I share my recommended cold call script example that she could use to apply all of my tips and feedback.