This is a recording of a warm call script example that we received from one of our service providers. After the call recording is a play-by-play analysis where we outline what he could have done better. Included with the analysis is a cold call script example that takes our recommendations into consideration that he could use for this particular situation.

We do not know what the salesperson’s goal was on this warm call example. It might have been to just introduce himself and provide his contact information. If that was his only goal, you could say he was successful as he did send an email after the call providing his contact information. But it may have been the case that either he or the company he works for might have had a goal for him to cross-sell additional services.

But whether his goal was only to introduce himself or cross-sell additional services, the key takeaway here is that he could have accomplished more by trying to move the prospect or customer to the next step in the sales process, which would be simply having a longer and more established conversation.

We break the sales process down into three steps: 1) Initial Contact, 2) Meeting, and 3) Presentation. On this warm call example, the salesperson could have focused on trying to transition to the Meeting step and that could have been scheduling a call on another day or it could have been a longer conversation on the same call as the Initial Contact.

If the Meeting happens at the same time as the Initial Contact, we refer to that as an Instant Meeting. It is perfectly OK to have an Instant Meeting, but we recommend that you still close for the meeting by asking the prospect if they are available to discuss the topic in more detail.

We hope this warm call example and cross-sell cold call script give you some ideas for how to improve your sales efforts!