Number 5 on our list of 10 phone sales tips is to share the problems that you help with.


Why this is Helpful

There are two reasons why this can be one of the most helpful phone sales tips:

1. Effectively communicates how you can help.
When you describe the product that you sell, you are speaking your own language. This is a language that you have learned when you went through your company training or learned when you spent hours upon hours talking about and thinking about your products.

When you speak your language to your prospect, the prospect might not understand right away what you are trying to say and get them interested because it is not their language. This is where opportunities can be lost and where you find yourself trying to sell to prospects who just don’t seem to get it.

When you use these phone sales tips and shift from talking about your products and move to talk about the problems you help to fix, you begin to talk more in the prospect’s language, and this can make it easier for them to understand how you can help.

2. Can help to grab the prospect’s attention.
One of the biggest challenges you face is to simply grab the prospect’s attention. Whether it is getting them to read or respond to an email or getting a phone call established, it can be very difficult because your prospects are busy and also get a lot of attention from other salespeople.

The good thing about these phone sales tips is that sharing the problems you help to fix can help you to grab the prospect’s attention if they happen to the problems or concerns about the problems that you mention.


When to Share Common Problems that You Can Help With

There are four different moments when selling over the phone when you can try to mention some of the problems that you can help with.

1. During your elevator pitch
We recommend that you share an elevator pitch at the beginning of your call, and this is one place where you can share some examples of the problems that you can fix.

2. When the call does not appear to be going anywhere.
You may find yourself on a call, and you have asked some questions, and the prospect does not seem to be giving you good answers or engaging much. This is a moment where you can try to share some examples of problems that you can help with to see if they have any of those concerns.

3. When responding to objections.
When a prospect gives you an objection to trying to shut you down, you can share some problems that you help with to try to get around the objection.

4. On your voicemail message.
When you leave a voicemail message for a prospect, you can share some examples of the problems that you help to fix and present that as the reason for your call.


We hope these phone sales tips help you to take your game to the next level!