I received a voicemail message today and I had some thoughts when listening to it so I am going to share those and outline what I think is good and could have been done better in this example of a voicemail script for sales.

Here is a summary of what this salesperson left in their voicemail script for sales.

Hey Michael,

This is [his first and last name] with [name of his company].

We are a Google Adwords premier small business partner.

I was trying to get a hold of you to introduce you to our company and provide you with a complementary invitation to an Adwords strategy session.

The session will be hosted by a Google certified marketing expert that specializes in your industry.

When you have a moment can you give me a call at [his phone number].

Again thats [his first and last name] with [name of his company] at [his phone number]. Thank you.

What is Good and Could be Better for this Example of Voicemail Script for Sales
Here are some quick details of what I liked and would change in this voicemail for sales example.

Sounds like a salesperson trying to sell something.
In his intro, right away it is clear that he is call me to try to sell something. When you call a prospect that gets a lot of voicemail messages from salespeople, as soon as they are able to detect this, they may delete or stop listening to the message.

He wants to introduce me to his company.
He mentions at the beginning of his call that he wants to introduce me to his company. I am sure he does as that aligns with his interests of wanting to sell to me. Could he leave a better voicemail script for sales if he does not focus on his interest of selling something and focuses more on my interests?

He shares an incentive of the strategy session.
In the middle of his sales voicemail script is a mention of complementary strategy session. I think this is a good carrot and incentive to meet. But is this the best time to share the incentive?

Maybe but maybe not. If the incentive is good enough to make the prospect call the salesperson back, sure, leave it on the sales voicemail message. But if not, it might make sense to keep the offer in your pocket and share it when you get them on the phone.

Asks me to call him back.
A pet peeve of mine is when salespeople leave messages asking the prospect to call back. It is work to make the next call and you want to sell to me but I have to do work now?

Minor Details
A couple other minor details are that it sounded like the salesperson was reading the voicemail script for sales and the message was 36 seconds in duration which is just a bit longer than what I would recommend.

My Version of a Sales Voicemail Message for this Example
Taking some of those points into consideration, here is what I may suggest this salesperson leave as a voicemail message:

Hi Michael,

This is [his first and last name] with [name of his company].

We help businesses to increase leads and revenue by creating effective and economical pay-per-click campaigns.

I don’t know how happy you are with your current PPC strategy and that is why I am reaching out.

I will try you again later in the week. If you want to reach me in the meantime, my number is [his phone number].

Again this is [his first and last name] with [name of his company] at [his phone number]. Thanks and I look forward to talking with you soon.

We hope this voicemail script for sales helps you to take your game to the next level!