This video is module 1 of a full sales training program called The SMART Sales System. You can go through the full sales training program for free on YouTube. The training aligns with a book by the same name and here are all of the training modules:

    1. Introduction to SMART
    2. Consultative Selling
    3. Building Your Consultative Sales Message
    4. Creating Sales Scripts, Emails, Voicemails, and Objection Responses
    5. Managing the Sales Process
    6. Cold Calling
    7. Cold Emailing
    8. Voicemail Strategy
    9. Getting into New Accounts
    10. Dealing with Objections
    11. Getting Around Gatekeepers
    12. Qualifying the Prospect
    13. Closing
    14. Networking
    15. Prospecting on LinkedIn
    16. Improving Mental Strength

If you would like to purchase your copy of The SMART Sales System book, click here.

Listen to “SMART Sales System – Module 1: Introduction” on Spreaker.