In this video, is a webinar that focuses on helping you to build and maintain mental strength while selling.


The Profession of Selling Can Be an Emotional Rollercoaster
This is an important topic because it can be really tough being a salesperson. Regardless of how good you are or not, there are simply highs and lows. Deals won and there will always be some lost.

And there is always an element of rejection. You will simply have to cross paths with many sales prospects that do not fit well with what you have before you find the ones that do. As you drudge through this effort, there can be experiences of rejection and people being not very nice to you.

Not Having a Good Mental Foundation Can Impact Your Sales
All of this can wear on a person. If you let this environment get to you and affect you at an emotional level, it can impact how hard you work and your activity levels. For example, if you feel like you are getting beat down by the prospects that you talk with, you might be reluctant to make all of the dials that you need to make in a day.

If your activity levels in terms of calls, meetings, or networking events attended get impacted by your level of motivation and mental strength, this will no doubt impact and show up in your sales results.

There are Small Things You Can Do
The good news is that there are small things that you can do to improve and maintain mental strength and we outline those in this video.