In this video, we discuss three ways for how to use AI for sales reps.


Will AI replace salespeople?

But before we go through how to use AI for sales reps, I first want to discuss whether AI can or will replace salespeople. I may be naive or too optimistic, but while AI stands to replace many different white-collar jobs, I think it will be difficult to ever have AI perform sales tasks like reaching out to prospects, building relationships, finding opportunities, and managing deals through the sales pipeline.

As I show in the video, today’s AI can communicate better than most salespeople, but I believe that in outbound sales and cold outreach scenarios, you will rarely have a prospect who is open to dealing with and interacting with an AI version of a salesperson.


Creating your sales script

The first way for how to use AI for sales reps is to use AI to create your sales script. As shown in the video, AI, like ChatGPT, is very capable of creating sales scripts. Not only does it have deep knowledge about most products and services, but from my testing, it actually communicates in a very sophisticated way in the sales scripts it creates.

In the video, I used ChatGPT to create a sales script for IT outsourcing and the flow of the script is actually better than most salespeople that I interact with. I find that most salespeople lean more toward product selling and talk more about their product than about the prospect. When I ask ChatGPT to create a sales script, it uses more of a consultative selling approach and usually focuses more on benefits, pain points, and asking good questions.


Create email messages

Another way for how to use AI for sales reps is to leverage AI to create email messages. You can go to ChatGPT and ask it to create an email message for you, and you might be surprised how well it does at creating an email message. What it creates is not perfect, but it is certainly a good starting place that you can use and build on.

The key to using AI like ChatGPT to create email messages is to provide clear instructions for what you want the email to look like. In Sales Scripter, we have created a tool called Email Generator that will help you with telling ChatGPT what you want the email to look like. The Email Generator will allow you to select the details and parameters of your email, and we then put that together as a request and send it over to ChatGPT.


Practice your pitch

The third way for how to use AI for sales reps is to use it to practice your sales pitch. As I mentioned earlier, AI today can communicate as well as, or, in some cases, better than, human salespeople. And while I do not see how you can replace salespeople with AI, you can replace the prospect with this technology and use it to practice your sales pitch.

That is what we have done with our Sales Simulator sales role-play tool is that we have created an AI version of sales prospect that salespeople can practice cold calls with. By practicing with AI, sales reps can decrease scenarios where they are learning, practicing, and making mistakes on live calls with real sales prospects.


We hope this helps provide ideas for how to use AI for sales reps!