It can be tremendously helpful to use some sort of sales pitch template when trying to figure out what to say when talking with sales prospects.

Here are some of the main sections that you can include in a sales pitch template:


Elevator Pitch

Any good sales approach will start with some sort of elevator pitch. This is something brief that communicates how you can help the prospect. We believe that there are three different things that you can do in your elevator pitch that can create a strong sales message.

1. Share a Value Statement
One of the most common ways to handle an elevator pitch is to share a value statement. This is a one-sentence statement that shares the value that you offer that particular buyer. Here is an example:

The reason I am reaching out to you is that we help sales managers to shorten the amount of time it takes to ramp up new sales hires.

2. Share Common Pain Examples
Another thing you can do for your elevator pitch is to share some common examples of pain that you help to resolve, or that your prospects are usually having. Here is an example:

The reason that I am reaching out to you is that a lot of sales managers that I work with often express that it takes a long time to get new sales reps ramped up and it is difficult to get underperforming reps corrected and on the right path.

3. Share a Name Drop Example
You could share an example of another client that you have helped in your elevator pitch:

We recently worked with TigerTech and helped them to decrease the amount of time that it took to train new sales hires by 60% and that lead to both an increase in revenue and a decrease in sales staff turnover.


Pre-Qualifying Questions

One of the most important sections of your sales pitch template is a place for your pre-qualifying questions. These are probing questions that you should ask to determine if the prospect fits well with what you have to offer.


Common Pain Points

If you don’t share common pain examples in your elevator pitch, you should share them later in your sales pitch template when you are trying to identify if they need your help and also communicate how you can help.


Company and Product Info

One of the last sections of your pitch could be to share some details about your company and product. This is actually what most salespeople use as their entire pitch, as all they do is talk about their company and product when they try to build interest and close the sale.

With this approach, you are going to save that to the end and put it before your elevator pitch, some probing sales questions, discussion about the pain the prospect might be having, and then go to the section of your sales pitch template that talks about the products you are trying to sell.

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