A telemarketing script template can drastically improve your success when making outbound prospecting calls. Here is a structure of sections you can use when creating your telemarketing script template.


Elevator Pitch

We believe that one of the best ways for you to open a call is to share some sort of elevator pitch. This should be one to two sentences that provide a hint or glimpse of how you help your clients.

In your telemarketing script template, have a section near the top that lists out some options that you have for elevator pitch statements. Here are some examples from one of our call scripts:

We help managers with inside sales reps to:

  • Improve success with outbound phone prospecting and lead generation
  • Shorten the amount of time that it takes to train new salespeople
  • Decrease sales staff turnover
  • Get under-performing sales resources back on track
  • Decrease the time and headache that comes with trying to get new sales hires ramped


Pre-Qualifying Questions

A good telemarketing script template should have probing sales questions that determine if the prospect needs or fits well with the product that the salesperson wants to sell. Your call script template should have a section that outlines good questions to ask, and here are some examples of the questions that we have in one of our scripts:

  • Are your sales reps able to consistently generate leads and getting into new accounts?
  • How concerned are you about the amount of time it takes to get new sales hires ramped up and performing?
  • How confident are you that all of your sales resources are asking the right questions when talking with prospects?
  • Is getting under-performing sales resources corrected and on the right path important?
  • Do you have a goal of decreasing sales staff turnover?


Pain Points

A good way to communicate how you can help and sometimes get a prospect to realize that they might need what you have is to share some examples of problems or pain points that you help to fix. As a result, in your call script template, you should have a list of the pain points that you can help with, and here are some examples:

  • Challenging for sales to generate leads and get into new accounts
  • Difficulty getting sales resources saying to right sales pitch and asking the right questions
  • Can be unclear how to get under-performing sales resources corrected and on the right path
  • Sales staff turnover can be often be higher and more costly than would be preferred
  • It can be time consuming and a daunting task to get new sales hires trained and ramped up
  • It can take a long time to get new sales hires ramped up and performing


Company and Product Info

Toward the end of your sales script, you should have some key details about your company and product. These should be very quick points that enable your telemarketing script template to communicate more clearly what you have to offer or sell.