Here are a few easy-to-follow tips for how to create a telephone script template.


Create an outline for the call

I think when a lot of salespeople think of a sales script, they think of a page with a number of sentences and paragraphs that the salesperson can read from. This format for a sales script is not the best for a couple of reasons.

First, this type of cold call script will typically be a document that the salesperson is more likely to read from, and that will not lead to the best impression and sales performance. Another reason this is not the optimum way to go is that you never know how a call is going to go, and a linear sequence of sentences does not provide much flexibility for the salesperson.

This is why we recommend that you use more of an outline for your telephone script template. This refers to breaking down your document or template into sections of a call that the salesperson can work through.

Here are some examples of sections that you can break your telephone script template into:

  • Introduction
  • Attention Grabbing Statement
  • Pre-Qualifying Questions
  • Common Pain Points
  • Product and Company Info
  • Closing Options


Building Your Attention-Grabbing Statement

We recommend that you open your call with some sort of attention-grabbing statement. This can either be an example of the value that you offer, the pain points you help to fix, or a name-drop example.

Here is an example of using a value proposition as an attention-grabbing statement.

The purpose of my call is that we help managers with inside sales reps to make their team more successful in the areas of outbound phone prospecting and lead generation.


Identify the Pain Points that You Help to Fix

As you work to fill in your telephone script template, it can be good to identify the pain points that your product helps with. Putting these in your sales script and having them in front of you when cold calling will make you more prepared for the different directions a call can go.

If the prospect wants to learn more about how you help, share some of the pain points to explain and build interest. If the prospect expresses that they do not need what you have, share some of the pain points to make sure they are correct.


Compose Some Pre-Qualifying Questions

One of the most important sections of your cold call script is a section that lists out good questions to ask. There are a lot of different types of questions that you can ask prospects, but we feel like the best type of questions to ask during a short cold call is pre-qualifying questions.

These are very soft probing questions that help you to learn a little more about how things are going on the prospect’s side. If these are designed correctly, they should help to you determine if there is potentially a fit or need for your product.

We hope those tips help you to have some ideas about how you can create a telephone script template for yourself.