Step 4 in building a good sales pitch that targets buyer personas is to create the pre-qualifying questions that should be asked for that particular buyer.

What are pre-qualifying questions?
Pre-qualifying questions are questions that are designed to identify if there is at least a slight fit between the prospect’s needs and how your products help.

Asking these questions can really make a good sales pitch because they help you to identify which prospects you should spend your valuable time with. What an average salesperson will do is try to sell to and push forward with every prospect that they cross paths with. These questions allow you to operate at a more sophisticated level by being more selective of the prospects that you try to sell to.

These questions also make because they help you to sound more like a consultant and less like a salesperson and this can not only help to build more rapport with the prospect, it can help to minimize the guardedness that you might trigger.

How to Create Your Pre-Qualifying Questions
Knowing that you need to ask pre-qualifying questions is a good start, but now you have to stop to think about what to ask. We are going to give you a quick process that you can use to identify the optimum list of pre-qualifying questions that you should ask for all of your target buyer personas.

  • Step 1: Identify the value or benefits that your products and services offer
  • Step 2: For each benefit, think about what problem either resolves or avoids
  • Step 3: For each problem that you resolve, compose one or two probing questions to see if that problem exists or is a concern

Your Questions Will Differ Across Buyer Personas
If you want a good sales pitch, you might have different pre-qualifying questions for all of your different buyer personas. To understand why this might be the case, look back at the three-step process that we just recommend and look specifically at Step 1.

This first step is to identify how your product helps and this most likely will be different for each buyer persona. Either they realize a different benefit or you could see a scenario where the benefit is the same but could differ in that you might incorporate some language that is specific to a particular buyer persona.

If you go through Step 1 for each buyer persona and come up with a unique answer, your Steps 2 and 3 will all result in different answers as well because they all build on one another. If you complete this process for the main target buyer personas that you are targeting, you will arrive at a tailored list of pre-qualifying questions for each persona and this is what will lead to a good sales pitch.

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