I recently had a YouTube subscriber ask “How do you sell peace of mind?” Since many salespeople list this as one of their main product benefits, I thought I would create a video with some strategies for selling it.

Peace of mind is a benefit that might result from many insurance, financial services, and technology products. While it is a powerful and important benefit, it can be difficult to sell or motivate a prospect to buy based on that benefit alone for a couple of reasons:

  • Soft benefit: Peace of mind is a soft benefit that can be difficult to see and touch. Similar to the difference between soft-dollar and hard-dollar savings.
  • People are more motivated by problems: People a quicker to fix and spend money to fix a problem and stop something from hurting than they are to proactively make something better.

With those two factors in mind, here are two things a salesperson can do to answer the question of how do you sell peace of mind.


Build up to the benefit of peace of mind

With peace of mind being a soft benefit, we can improve our ability with how do you sell peace of mind by focusing on lower level benefits that lead to the prospect having peace of mind. To help see what this looks like, we can break benefits down into three levels of value.

The lowest level of benefits are what we refer to as technical value. If we use a very simple example of selling software that backups data, we can share a technical benefit of the software is:

Automate backing up of customer data

That technical benefit will works its way up to a second level of value and that is business value. These are business benefits that are created by the technical improvements. Staying with the same example, our backup software can help to:

Avoid issues from lost customer data

The technical and business value will work their way up to create a third level of personal value. This is how the product can help the prospect in personal ways like income, stress, workload, comfort, etc. This is where peace of mind fits in these three levels as it helps the prospect or customer to be happier and less stressed and our backup software can lead to this personal improvement:

Have peace of mind that you are OK if something happens

When you have the value your product offers broken out like this, what you can do for how do you sell peace of mind, is build up to it by focusing on the lower levels of value before getting to the personal benefits and peace of mind.


Approach it from the other side

The other thing you can do is try to sell peace of mind by approaching it from the other side. What I mean by that is that while peace of mind is a benefit, we can improve our ability to sell it by communicating it more as a pain point, or focusing more on the pain points that peace of mind is related to.

We view benefits and pain points as having a Yin and a Yang relationship. For each benefit your product provides, there is an opposite pain point or problem that is resolved, minimized, or avoided. With that, there are pain points that go away when you help your customer to achieve peace of mind. And instead of using the peace of mind by itself to try to get the prospect to purchase, we can include the pain points the prospect might have or be concerned with if they do not purchase.

To show you what this looks like to help with how do you sell peace of mind, we can continue with the same example and come up with the following pain points:

  • Time-consuming and error-prone to manually backup data
  • Will be big problems if customer data is lost due to an outage or issue
  • Can be stressful and a headache worrying about customer data

With those pain points outlined, we can mix those in when talking about the peace of mind our product can help the prospect to achieve.