Here are some sales pitch examples from real cold call recordings:

Financial services provider
This is one of the sales pitch examples that is a call from a salesperson who sells some sort of wire transfer service. You can hear a recording of the call in this video with an analysis of what he did well and what he could have done better after the call recording.

He does an OK job but probably ended the call too abruptly. You can say if he is focused on trying to close the sale, it makes sense to end the call. But if he had focused more on just starting the conversation, he probably would have ended the call prematurely.


Financial advisory services
Here is one of our sales pitch examples from a salesperson who appears to sell financial advisory services or wealth management. This is a good example of looking at handling common objections, as there are the “I am not doing anything today” and “I am already working with someone today” on this call. On this call recording, you can hear how he responds to those, and we break down some small changes he could have made to make the call go better.


A cold call for accounting services
This is a cold call example for a salesperson who is selling accounting and CPA services.


A call from a payroll software salesperson
This is a cold calling example from a salesperson that sells payroll software. Overall, I think the salesperson does a pretty good job. But I think there is some room for improvement in how he opened the call, and we explain that in detail in the review at the end of the call.


A call from a stock broker
Here is one of our sales pitch examples that appears to be from a stock broker who is trying to get someone to invest in a stock. I think this is a great example of a salesperson who is trying to be an “old school” salesperson, and he probably thinks that the more he sounds like an aggressive salesperson, the more interesting he will appear. I believe the opposite and that the more you sound like a salesperson trying to sell something, the less appealing you will be. Listen to the call and make your own opinion if you like the approach he uses or if he could make a better impression by sounding more like a consultant or advisor than a salesperson.


Some type of agency services
This is one of those calls that really does not go well at all. I believe that there is something to learn from every call, and while this call is probably more cringe-worthy than anything else, there are a few things we can take away from this sales pitch example.


SalesScripter example
This is one of the sales pitch examples that is one of our own calls. We talk a lot about how to respond to the common objection of “what is this in regards to” and this call is a good demonstration of what to do. We think you should simply answer with your value prop, and that is what is done on this call and you can see what that looks like in this call recording.


SalesScripter example
This is another call example for a cold call for SalesScripter. This is a good example of having old contact information and using that to try to get to the right person in the organization.


Explanation of a sales script example
This is a video that is not one of the real sales pitch examples in terms of a live call, but it is a good video that can help you to build your sales pitch and sales script.