Here are some sales pitch examples that are taken out of the SalesScripter template library. For this example, we will look at a pitch for selling Digital Marketing Services.

Elevator Pitch
Below are value statements that could be used as a Digital Marketing Services pitch.

  • We help businesses to improve their internal and external communications.
  • We help businesses to improve their brand and messaging.
  • We help businesses to generate more leads.
  • We help businesses to increase employee awareness in key areas.
  • We help businesses to increase sales revenue from new clients.

Probing Sales Questions
Here are probing sales questions to ask from the SalesScripter sales pitch examples for Digital Marketing Services.

  • Are you challenged by having to find ways to communicate very dry and technical information?
  • How do you feel about your ability to establish and improve your current brand? Are there any new brands that you need to launch?
  • How much of a priority is it to improve your ability to generate leads?
  • How important is it to improve your ability to communicate processes and procedures to employees?
  • How important is it for you to find new ways to increase revenue from new clients?
  • How happy are you with your current website and how it is performing in terms of generating new leads and revenue?
  • Is your position in the marketplace compared to your direct competitors something that you are motivated to improve?
  • How open are you to exploring ways to increase revenue and market share?
  • Are you currently working with a digital marketing agency?
  • Are you the person that makes decisions regarding digital marketing for your company?

Common Pain Examples
Here are common pain examples that can be shared as part of your sales pitch examples.

  • There can be challenges with communicating dry and technical information
  • Difficult to establish a new or existing brand
  • It can be challenging to consistently generate leads
  • It can be difficult to get employees on the same page in terms of processes and procedures
  • There is always a need to increase revenue from new clients
  • There are often areas for improvement with their websites and that can make it difficult to increase revenue generated online
  • There can be fierce competition from direct competitors and difficult to strength their position
  • There is always a need to increase revenue and market share

Company and Product Information
At some point in your sales pitch examples, you will want to share some details about your company and product.

Our digital marketing services full range of marketing agency services providing everything from web design, print and digital creative design, print, video production, multimedia, and more.

Some ways that we differ from other options out there are:

  • we use a research-based approach.
  • we are experts in producing marketing materials specific for the oil and gas industry.
  • we utilize a structured process and you will have total visibility every step of the way.

We worked with Healthy Foods and helped them to develop a complete digital marketing strategy. This helped them to increase inbound marketing leads by 300% and that lead to an increase in sales of 40%.

That is just one of the sales pitch examples that can be accessed inside of our sales script software.