Step 6 in writing a sales script for different buyer personas is to create name-drop examples that and this will help you to establish credibility.

What is a Name Drop Example
When we refer to a name-drop example, we are discussing a one to two-sentence talk track that shares details about a past client that you have worked with and how you have helped them. Here is an example:

We recently worked with Turtle Tech and moved there sales resources over to our prospecting software and methodology. This helped them to not only reduce new sales hire ramp up time and sales staff turnover, it also led to an improvement of sales revenue by 27%.

This can be a very powerful step to take when writing a sales script.

Building Your Name Drop Example
Here are four steps for you to go through to produce your name-drop examples when writing a sales script.

Step 1 – Identify a Client to Name Drop
The first step is to figure out what client it makes sense to mention. This is a step where you can consider the different buyer personas that you are targeting or interacting with and you may want to pick clients or examples that would fit well with each buyer persona.

For example, if you can sell to both manufacturers and retailers, you may want to think of a name-drop example for each. Or if you can sell to both large businesses and small businesses, you may want to create examples that have both large and small businesses so that you can use one in your sales pitch that fits well with the prospect that you are talking with.

Step 2 – Identify What You Sold Them
The next step in building your name drop while writing a sales script is to identify what you sold the client that you are going to mention.

Step 3 – Identify the Initial Improvement that You Provided
Identify the technical or initial improvement that you helped the name-drop client to realize. When we say initial and technical, we are wanting you to think about what process you helped to improve.

Step 4 – Identify the Ultimate Improvement that You Provided
The last step in building a name drop while writing a sales script is to look at the technical improvement you helped to create and then identify what ultimate or business/financial improvement that led to.

Once you go through those four steps, you can use those points to create a name-drop example similar to what we shared.

Where to Use Name Drop Examples
There are a number of places where you can use name-drop examples in your sales pitch. You can use them in your elevator pitch as you try to communicate how you can help. You can also use them later in your pitch as you try to build interest. Or you can use name-drop examples in prospecting emails and voicemail messages and this can help with writing a sales script that is more powerful than your typical product and company talk tracks.