Attached to this blog post are some selling script examples in recordings from our cold calling demo workshops. So you don’t miss it, the video displayed is actually part of a playlist on YouTube and on that playlist are other short selling script examples recordings.

We continue to add more videos of calls to this so come back later or subscribe to our channel so that you can see updates to this collection.

Not Perfect Calls
As you listen to these, please note that these are not perfect calls either in terms of execution or generating a lead. But in some ways that makes these better selling script examples to listen to because there are a lot of things to learn from and look at.

To expand that point a bit, there are actually more things to take away from bad calls than good calls. And these situations come up again and again so if you can identify what was not done well or what to do differently and you can apply those lessons learned on future calls, that is what will allow you to continue to grow and get to the next level.

Things to Look at in these Selling Script Examples
There are a few things that you should listen for on these call recordings or even reflect on after your own cold call attempts.

What went well: First, it is always good to try to identify what sticks out in terms of going really well and see if anything observed could be replicated on future calls.

What did not go well: Then flip that around and try to identify if there is anything that did not go so well. Again, situations repeat themselves so listening or thinking about what did not go well and then figuring out what could have been done better will prepare you for when you find yourself in that situation in the future.

What objections came up: Probably one of the most productive things to do when listening to or thinking about past cold calls is to look at what objections came up during the call. Almost every cold call will have some sort of cold call objections.

When you identify the objection, think about what the response was. Did the response help to get around the objection? Was there another response that could have been better? The same objections will come up again and again so this step will help you improve your ability to get around objections moving forward.

What questions were asked: We believe that the best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions. With that being the case, what questions were asked on the cold call? Did the questions do a good job of getting the prospect engaged in the call? Did the questions extract valuable information from the prospect? Are there other questions that could have been asked in the selling script examples to either keep the call going or get valuable information?