It can help to listen to some cold calling introduction examples to get some ideas for how to begin your cold calls. You never know what direction a cold call will go and figuring out how to respond to those different directions can take a little time. But figuring out how to begin a cold call and introduce yourself is something that you have a lot of control over and something that you can figure out and get good at very quickly.

In this blog, we will provide some cold calling introduction examples and a process that you can use for how to begin your cold calls.

Listen to These Cold Calling Introduction Examples
My suggestion would be to listen to the examples in the videos that are attached to this blog post. These are recordings of real cold calls and each of them will include tips for how we recommend you introduce yourself on cold calls.

Please note that the video attached to this is just one call but it is part of a playlist on YouTube that includes other cold calling introduction examples.

After you listen to the examples, then read the suggestions below and the process, and then it would be good to listen to the calls again and try to notice where you hear our tips and suggestions being used.

Start with Your Value
The very first step in figuring out how to introduce yourself on cold calls is to stop to think about what your value is. Or said another way, to stop and build your value proposition.

If that feels challenging or uncomfortable, don’t worry as it is for all of us. But what I would recommend is to stop and think about how your product or service helps your customers.

Try to think about if you help your customers to make anything work better, make anything easier, save time in any way, help them to make more money, help them to decrease costs, etc.

Here are some examples of our value proposition:

We help sales managers to improve the sales performance of every rep on their team.
We help sales managers to decrease the amount of time that it takes to train and ramp up new sales reps.
We help sales reps to improve their ability to get into new accounts.

Your Value is Your Introduction
Once you have created your value proposition or what we would call your value statement, that can then be used as the centerpiece of your introduction. Here is what that would look like:

The purpose of my call is [insert value statement].

Confirm Availability
But before you get to the place where you share your value and purpose of calling, I recommend that you confirm the prospect is available, and here is how that goes:

Hi [contact’s name]. This is [your name] with [your company]. Have I caught you in the middle of anything?

If the prospect says yes, then share your value. If the prospect asks what the call is in regards to, then share your value.

Now Listen Again
After you read those tips, now go back and listen to the cold calling introduction examples and notice how the process is fairly good at establishing cold calls.