One of the best ways to improve the performance and sales of your salespeople is to provide a sales playbook. A playbook is a set of instructions and sales tools that can be provided to a sales team with the goal of providing clarity and direction on what to do when trying to generate sales.

Components of a Sales Playbook
A playbook can look very different for every sales organization. Here are some of the components that can be included if you take the path forward of building your playbook.

Cold call script
Whether you want your salespeople working off of a script or not, providing some sort of call script, call plan, or call outline can greatly improve the results of your salespeople.

Your team of salespeople will often include reps with different personalities and levels of experience. Some of the members of the sales team may want more clarity about what to do and say when making a cold call and providing cold call scripts will help these individuals.

Question lists
One of the most important components of a is to provide lists of the key questions that should be asked. The best salesperson is the one that asks the best questions and most sales organizations do not provide enough clarity about what questions the salesperson should be asking when talking with prospects.

For each product or service that you sell, you could develop an optimum list of probing and qualifying questions.

Buyer persona profiles
The different buyers that you sell to will have different needs, pains, and interests. Being able to get your salespeople more aware of the different buyer personas that they will encounter will help them to operate at a higher level.

When building your sales playbook, you can provide details about the different buyer personas that will be targeted. Buyer persona details can include their unique pain points, needs, and interests and this can greatly improve a salesperson’s ability to speak the prospect’s language.

Objection responses
One of the most important elements of your playbook for sales is to outline responses to the objections that can be anticipated.

Your salespeople are going to face the same objections again and again. If you provided tools that increase the clarity for how to get around and resolve sales objections, you will immediately improve sales performance and results.

Email templates
Your salespeople will send the same emails again and again. Emails before calling a prospect, after briefly speaking with a prospect, after leaving a voicemail, etc.

These emails will all look very similar and you can not only save time by creating email templates for all of these scenarios, but you may be able to craft better emails with a more consistent message than having each salesperson on your team coming up with their own email messages.

Voicemail scripts
Your salespeople are going to reach prospects’ voicemail boxes more than reaching somebody that answers the phone. If you include a sales methodology and voicemail scripts to use in this scenario in your sales playbook, you can improve your sales team’s ability to get prospects on the phone.

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