It can be difficult to get prospects on the phone when cold calling. Either the person you are trying to reach does not answer the phone or you simply don’t know who to call.

In this video, we outline a methodology that you can use when trying to get into and navigate the organization of a business that you are trying to sell to.

Two key concepts to keep in mind when cold calling are vertical movement and horizontal movement.

Vertical Organizational Movement
Most of the time when you are B2B cold calling, you will have a particular individual or position you are targeting. For example, you might be trying to reach the Director of IT.

With that process in place, you can find yourself in a scenario where you are calling the Director of IT and cannot get him or her on the phone. A mistake that we can often make at this point is to move on to the next account and call the next Director of IT.

But you don’t need to stop there as you can implement a process of vertical movement inside of the target organization. This is to move up and down in the organization trying to reach out to individuals above and below your target prospect.

You can try the VP of IT and you can also try the IT Manager. Try to get a hold of someone and find an opportunity to get into the account and just get the dialogue and conversation started.

Horizontal Organizational Movement
Whether or not you find a way into the organization when you perform vertical movement when you are B2B cold calling, you do not need to stop there. You can also navigate an organization with horizontal movement and this involves moving laterally to other departments.

For example, you may be trying to primarily reach the IT department. But the products that you sell also impact operations.

If you have trouble getting into IT, or if you would like to get additional information or build a larger coalition, you could move horizontally by trying to also call into operations.


Getting the prospect on the phone is one of the biggest challenges with B2B prospecting. By trying to reach different individuals in the target department and then reach out to other departments, you can greatly improve your ability to get someone on the phone and that can open up opportunities for you to get into accounts.

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