Step 5 in writing sales scripts that are more tailored to different buyer personas is to create talking points that help you trigger interest on the prospect’s side.


Only Need to Trigger a Little Interest

One thing to keep in mind here is that you do not need to create enough interest to fully sell the product. You only need to create enough interest to get the prospect to move to the next stage in your sales process.

If you are creating sales scripts for cold calling, if you don’t sell a “one call close” product, your next step may be to schedule an appointment or get the prospect to some sort of event or meeting. As a result, you need to keep in mind that you only need to create enough intrigue and curiosity so that the sales prospect says “yes” to the next step when you go for your close.


Don’t Go Into Deep Product and Company Details

Many salespeople focus on talking about their company and products in their sales scripts when they try to build interest. Some amount of details about the company you work for and what your products do are important in your sales pitch.

But don’t go into too much detail in your sales pitch for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t have a ton of time to work with. And also, remember that we don’t need to build the interest to a level where they buy. We just need to get them to agree to move forward to the next step.

You also may want to minimize the product and company details when writing sales scripts because talking too much in this area can make you sound like a salesperson trying to sell something and this can trigger some guardedness on your prospect’s side.


More Powerful Ways to Create Interest

Here are some other ways that you can focus your pitch to try to trigger interest when trying to tailor your pitch for different buyer personas.

Share a Client Example
One of the most efficient ways to not only build interest but also communicate how you can help is to share an example of how you have helped another client. And if we get back to the goal here of creating sales scripts that are aligned with a particular buyer persona, you might build out different client examples.

You can create client examples that fall into the same industry, company size, client situation (problem/need to be resolved), etc., and then you can pick which example will be the best match or most effective at building interest when talking with a particular buyer persona.

Discuss the Impacts of Doing Nothing
One way to build interest is to discuss what happens if the prospect does nothing in terms of purchasing and just stays with the status quo. Since you are always competing against this option, it can help you to build interest in communicating what that path might look like.

The impacts or concerns with doing nothing will likely be different for the different buyer personas that you talk with, so you can write more powerful sales scripts by talking about the impacts that are unique to that specific buyer.