Here is an example of one of our phone sales scripts.



[Contact’s Name], this is [Your Name] from [Your Company], have I caught you in the middle of anything?

Value Statement
We recommend that you begin your phone sales scripts with some sort of elevator pitch.

Great. The Purpose of my call is that we help businesses to improve availability and performance of business critical applications.

(Optional) Disqualify Statement

I actually don’t know if you are a good fit for what we provide so I just had a question or two.

Pre-Qualifying Questions
At the center of our phone sales scripts are good probing sales questions.

If I could ask you real quick:

  • How do you feel about the amount of work and complexity required to keep all of your critical applications available and performing well?
  • How important is it for you to decrease or offload some of the day-to-day tasks and workload required with managing infrastructure and applications?
  • Are your running most of your infrastructure and applications in-house or have you moved any of that to cloud or external data centers?
  • Are your running most of your infrastructure and applications in-house or have you moved any of that to cloud or external data centers?
  • How concerned are you about how any availability or performance disruptions will impact revenue?

Examples of Common Problems

Oh, OK. Well, as we talk with other businesses, we have noticed that they often express challenges with:

  • It can be difficult and complex to make sure in-house infrastructure and applications are always available and performing well
  • There is a lot to track, complete, and be responsible for when managing in-house infrastructure and applications
  • Revenue can be impacted when there are availability or performance issues with critical applications
  • It can be difficult to maintain the best level of customer satisfaction when system availability and performance is not perfect

Can you relate to any of those?

Company and Product Info
Share some brief details about your company and product before you go for the close in your phone sales scripts.

It might productive for us to talk in more detail. The reason why is

Product Details:
As I said, I am with [Your Company] and we provide high availability infrastructure and application hosting.

Our cloud hosting can help you to:

  • Improve availability and performance of business critical applications
  • Eliminate all of the tasks, headaches, and responsibilities that come with managing infrastructure and applications in-house
  • Maximize revenue by ensuring the best availability and performance of critical business applications
  • Decrease labor costs associated with managing applications and infrastructure
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction by minimizing service and application disruptions

Some ways that we differ from other options out there are:

  • It is a cloud solution custom built for each each customer based on their individual requirements.
  • It is our infrastructure (not reselling) and we have built it from the ground up with the best enterprise grade infrastructure and software available.
  • We have had 100% up for over 2 years .

We hope these phone sales scripts examples help you to build your own script and take your game to the next level!