Here are some cold call recordings that provide good examples of phone sales scripts:

Sales script for financial services
This is an example of one of our phone sales scripts that is a call received from a financial services company. There is a review of the cold call after the call recording where we talk about some of the things he did well. I think he did a good job of sharing his value proposition and qualifying me but maybe he was too quick to disqualify me. Listen to the recording to see what I am referring to.


Cold call script for accounting services
Here is an example of a cold call for a salesperson that is calling trying to sell accounting services.


Sales script for commercial real estate
This is an example of a sales script commercial real estate. On this call, we review what this real estate agent says in his script and then provide a recommended cold call script at the end of the call.


Sales script for payroll software
Here is a cold call example for payroll software and services. The salesperson could definitely have done some things better on this call and we outline those in the review and analysis after the call recording and we also provide a cold call script that the salesperson could use to possibly improve his results moving forward.

Sales script for financial advisory services
Here is an example of phone sales scripts for financial advisory services. I think this salesperson does a pretty good job overall but there is probably a little room for improvement on how he responded to objections. Similar to the example above, I think this guy might have disqualified me a little prematurely as well..


Sales script for a stock broker
This is one of our phone sales scripts for trying to get investment into a stock or hiring a stock broker. I really did not like this guy’s approach at all as I prefer more of a consultative sales pitch than a pushy sales pitch. I think this guy tries too hard to act like the “Wolf of Wall Street” and that he does it in a way that he thinks that is going to make a good impression. Maybe that works for some prospects, but for me, it just pushes me away. I think this guy could use an approach where he tries to start a conversation around investing and position himself as a consultant or advisor instead of a cheesy salesperson.


Sales script for payroll software
Here is a phone script example from a call that we received from a salesperson that appeared to sell some type of payroll software. In this cold call, the salesperson does some really good things in the area of asking questions and qualifying to see if we are a fit for what he sells. Although, as described in the review at the end there is a question that he could have asked that he did not that would have provided important information and could have ended up leading to a longer conversation.


Sales script for some type of agency services
This is one of our phone sales scripts that probably had more problems than things that went well. There is a review of all the things that could have been done better after the call recording.


Sales script for IT Services
This is a recording of a cold call from a salesperson that appears to be selling IT services. More specifically, the salesperson is selling software development and staff augmentation. The accent is strong and at times difficult to understand but there are some good lessons to take from this call in terms of clear examples of what he does well and could have done better.


Sales script for SalesScripter
This is another one of the phone sales scripts for a cold call for SalesScripter. This call is a good example of how to try to get the most out of the gatekeeper and on this call I was able to get the direct dial for the target prospect.


Sales script for SalesScripter
Here is another cold call example for SalesScripter. This is a good call example of getting a live prospect on the phone and asking some questions but definitely missing some opportunities in terms of what is said and asked and that is explained in the review of the call at the end.


Explanation of a sales script example
This is a video that is not a record of a real example of phone sales scripts but it is a video that explains how to create your own script for your product or service.

We hope these phone sales scripts examples help you to build your own script and take your game to the next level!