Since every product is different and every conversation can be unique, it can be hard to provide a sales pitch example. But what we would like to do instead is provide a structure that you can use to build your pitch and some examples of what to say inside of that structure.

Here are some of the main sections that you should include in your sales pitch example.


Elevator Pitch

Any good pitch should include some sort of elevator pitch. This should be one or two sentences that communicate how you can help. If designed properly, it should grab the prospect’s attention and create a little interest.

This is one step that salespeople often find difficult, and to help with that, we will provide three types of formats to use for your elevator pitch in this sales pitch example.

Value Statement
You can use a value statement for your elevator pitch, and this is a one-sentence statement that communicates how you can help. Here is an example:

We help salespeople to build a more powerful sales pitch and this usually leads to an immediate improvement in sales results.

Pain Examples
You can also structure your elevator pitch around some of the common pain points that your ideal prospects experience. Here is an example.

A lot of salespeople that we talk to often have difficulty building their pitch or they are not happy with the pitch they are using and these are the types of challenges that we help with.

Name Drop Example
Another option for your elevator pitch is to share an example of another client that you have helped. Here is an example:

We recently worked with AllStar Tech and helped them to build a sales playbook for their salespeople in terms of sales scripts and pitch. This helped them to get new and underperforming reps to deliver strong sales results and decreased turnover at the same time.


Pre-Qualifying Questions

The next section that we want to show you in this sales pitch example is one that often gets overlooked and that is creating a good list of questions to ask the prospect to determine if they need what you have. Here are some examples:

Are you currently using any type of call script or sales playbook?
How confident are you that you are asking the right questions when talking with prospects?
Are you happy with your ability to generate leads and close deals?


Common Pain Examples

If you don’t share pain examples in your elevator pitch, you could share them later in your pitch as you try to determine if the prospect needs what you have to offer.


Product and Company Info

If you notice, we still haven’t talked about our products yet in this pitch. We would like to save that more for the end and, at that point, share some details on your product and company.

We encourage you to not just get into deep details on what your products do but to also include details like how you differ from your competition, the ROI that you can deliver, the impacts of doing nothing, or share a use case as you try to build interest in your sales pitch example.