In this video, we outline seven sections that you can create your cold call script around, and here is a quick summary of those sections:

Step 1 – Introduction
You most likely don’t need help with creating the introduction section of your cold call script but one thing that we recommend is to not ask the prospect how they are doing based on the philosophy that this makes you sound like a salesperson that is trying to build rapport.

Instead of asking the prospect how they are doing, try asking if you have caught them in the middle of anything. Not only does this help to buy you a couple of minutes, but it is also a very casual and informal way to begin the call which can help to decrease the prospect’s guard.

Step 2 – State the Purpose of the Call
The next step in the cold call script is to state the purpose of your call. If you don’t have a purpose that is unique to your situation or that particular prospect, here are three things you could share as the purpose of your call.

  • Share a couple of value points
  • Share a couple of pain points
  • Share a customer example

Step 3 – Sales Takeaway
After you state the purpose of your call, this is a good place to perform a sales takeaway. Here are some examples of how to do that:

  • But I don’t know if we are a good fit for you.
  • But I don’t know if you need what we provide.
  • But I don’t know if we can help you in the same way or not.

Step 4 – Pre-Qualify
If you are cold calling, you should be trying to determine if it even makes sense to talk and the best way to do that is to ask some pre-qualifying questions. We break down pre-qualifying into two types of questions: pain questions and current environment questions.

Pain questions are questions that probe to see if the prospect has any of the pain points that you can help to resolve. Current environment questions are questions that ask about what the prospect is currently doing in the area where you have something to sell.

Step 5 – Share Pain Points
In an optimum scenario, when you ask pre-qualifying questions, you identify that the prospect has some of the pain points that you can help to fix. If this happens, you can skip this section and start to try to close the prospect with the pain you identified as being the justification for talking more.

But it is very likely that your questions do not uncover any pain points and when that happens, you can get a little more direct and just share some of the pain points and problems that you help to fix.

Step 6 – Product and Company Details
If either through your questions or through talking about pain points you identify that the prospect could potentially need what you sell – has challenges that your product or service can help to make go away, then you can transition to begin your close attempt. But before you close with your cold call script, share some brief product and company details.

Step 7 – Close
After you share some details about what you sell, then try to close. The important thing here is that you are not closing the sale – you are only trying to close the next step in the sales process, which should be to simply start the conversation or set the appointment.


We hope these steps make it easier for you to build and use your cold call script!