Sales staff turnover is extremely costly to a business. Not only does it take a lot of money to recruit, hire, and train sales resources, but there is also a tremendous cost in terms of deals lost when salespeople are being replaced and new sales hires are getting ramped up and trained.

The good news is that there are small things that you can do to decrease and minimize sales staff turnover and we outline those in this sales training webinar recording.


Recruiting and Interviewing
When you think of decreasing sales staff turnover, your first thought will be what you can do to get people to stay. But the way to have the biggest impact on turnover is to start way before that and look at how you are selecting the resource you hire when recruiting and interviewing.

One of the main reasons that people leave an organization prematurely is that they either chose the wrong job or the employer chose the wrong person. Are you asking the right question and using the right process to make sure that you are selecting the right salesperson?

Sales Training
The more successful your salespeople are, the longer they will stay working for you and the lower your will be. Are you helping to provide them with the skills and knowledge that they need to be successful?

Sales Coaching
Sales can be tough. There are lots of ups and downs. There are also plenty of situations that don’t have clarity as to what best to do. Are you providing either informal or formal sales coaching?

Sales Tools
To be successful as a salesperson, you need to be as efficient and as productive as possible. Are you provide the sales tools that help your resources to automate many of the routine steps that might be slowing them down?

Sales Playbook
Being consistently successful as a salesperson is not just about working hard. It is also about working smart and doing a lot of the right things. If you make 100 cold calls per day but your sales script says all of the wrong things, you can end up with zero results from all of that effort and activity.

Providing your sales team with some sort of sales playbook will help you to decrease sales staff turnover.

Marketing Support
Salespeople are expensive. Are you having your sales resource generate all of their leads and manage the process from beginning to end?

Not only could that be a more expensive model when you factor in lower-cost forms of lead generation, but salespeople will also be happier and sales staff turnover will be less when they have marketing support that feeds them some amount of leads and lead generation.

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