In this sales training webinar recording, we focus on how to be a better closer.

Closing Should be the Easiest Step in the Sales Process
While there is a lot of attention on how to be a better closer, it should actually be one of the easiest steps in the sales process. If you do enough of the other things correctly, a deal should almost close itself.

While that may sound a little crazy, if you do some of these key things, closing becomes a lot easier:

  • Effectively communicate value
  • Find pain on the prospect’s side that you can help to fix
  • Qualify the prospect in terms of them having the authority and ability to purchase
  • Effectively build interest on the prospect’s side
  • Establish credibility
  • Resolve and get around sales objections

Trial Close Every Step of the Way
Another key thing to help you with how to be a better closer is to trial close the prospect as much as you can. Trial closing is not actually closing the prospect on moving forward, but more so is checking in to see what their thoughts and feelings are at periodic points.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask to trial close prospects:

What do think about what we have shown so far?
How do we compare to your other options?
Is this something that would fit well with what you are looking for?
Is this what you were hoping to see here today?

Soft Closing Techniques
One way for how to be a better closer is to use more soft closing sales techniques. Soft closing refers to closing the prospect without pressuring them to make a decision or pushing them to move forward.

Here are some examples of soft closing questions:

What direction do you want to go from here?
Is this something that you want to move forward with?
When do you want to meet again?
What would you like to do next?

Soft closing can be a very sophisticated way to present yourself when trying to sell something. It can be very impressive when most salespeople are pushy when trying to close sales and you are less and allow the prospect to decide on their own what to do.

This can help to build rapport and make you appear more trustable and as more of an advisor than a salesperson.

An important point to mention here is that you will need to do some of the key steps that were mentioned in the section above regarding what you can do to make deals close themselves. It is going through these steps that will allow you to soft close and have the confidence that a prospect will make the right decision.

SalesScripter will provide the tools you need when trying to figure out how to be a better closer.