Game Planning
You can’t look at Brady’s success and exclude the fact that it is a team sport and there are a lot of other moving parts and players. New England has been known for good game planning and the way that Tom Brady incorporates that into his plan for success and how to defeat the competition definitely plays a role in his success.

You can incorporate some level of game planning into how you operate as a salesperson. Do you have a plan for how to get around your common objections? Do you know what key questions you need to ask to qualify prospects and generate leads?

Having a good playbook will greatly improve your level of sales performance and your ability to deliver consistent sales results.

Level of Preparation
With the way Brady is able to read defenses and consistently make the right decisions, you can probably assume that he spends a tremendous amount of time studying and preparing for each opponent that he faces.

Preparation can also make a difference in what level you perform at as a salesperson. Do you always know what key questions to ask your prospects? Do you know how to respond to your prospect’s playbook?

Being prepared in those two simple areas can be the difference between failure and success.

Makes the Most Out of What He Has to Work With
We mentioned how Brady has led his team to the playoffs in 13 of 15 years. One of the most interesting things to look at is that the cast of characters around Brady has always changed through those years, yet his results of performing at a high level and making it to the playoffs have stayed consistent. You can attribute this to a lot of different things, but one factor is that Brady always makes the most out of what he has to work with.

He does not let weaknesses or gaps become a reason or excuse for slowing the team down. If anything, he makes those around him perform at the highest possible level.

Applying this to being a sales professional, you will face periods where your portfolio of products, your territory, or even the team you are on will have gaps and weaknesses. Many sales professionals can let these attributes slow them down and create a lot of negative thoughts and doubts.

Having a positive attitude and making the most out of what you have to work with can help you to perform at a higher level.

When you add all of that up and if you watch Tom Brady at the end of a competitive football game, it is easy to see that he operates with a level of perseverance. He fights, does not let anything get in his way, and never gives up when pursuing his goals of winning every game, making the playoffs, and becoming the league champion.

If you want to be a sales pro that performs at the highest possible level and consistently meets and exceeds expectations, you will need to always maintain a level of perseverance in how you approach every day and the ebbs and flows that come with selling.

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