In our weekly B2B cold calling demo training session, we have sales call script examples, and this is a recording from a call in last week’s session.

While the call does not really end well or lead to an appointment, there are still some things that we can reflect on in terms of what went well and what did not go well.


Establishing the Call

One thing that is very important in sales call script examples is establishing the call. In this call, I was able to do that, and I use a technique that we teach of asking, “Have I caught you in the middle of anything?”.

I actually get some pushback from people saying you should not ask this as it gives the prospect the chance to get rid of you. But this question actually works really well to disarm people because it is so casual and creates a sense of familiarity.

It is the type of question that a co-worker will ask when they pop your head in your office. Listen to the call and notice how disarmed the prospect is in her response.


Your Value Prop is the Purpose of the Call

Once I confirmed availability, I then shared my value proposition as the purpose of the call. One of the goals and design of this tactic is to replace your typical company/product intro statement, which triggers the prospect’s guard and can be when they begin to shut down.

This also went OK in this example, and if you listen, I still had the prospect going along with what I was trying to do.


Disqualify the Prospect

One tactic that we use on all of our sales call script examples is to disqualify the prospect right away. This is to determine doubt as to whether it makes sense for us to keep talking.

This is such a powerful tactic because it is the exact opposite of what most pushy salespeople do. It can disarm the prospect and sometimes create curiosity. Here are some examples of things to say to softly disqualify the prospect:

I am not sure if you all are a fit for us.
I don’t know if we can help you all or not.
I don’t know if you are the right person to speak with or not.


Asking Probing Questions

We believe the key to success is asking good questions. I definitely got some good questions asked, which is better than not asking questions or the right questions at all in sales call script examples.

But my responses to the answers probably could have been better. In my defense, I had trouble hearing one of her answers, and it kind of threw me off.


Responding to Objections

The real area for improvement in what I did on this call was how I responded to her objection of “We are not interested.” And honestly, this is how most sales call script examples that don’t go well end with – an objection not handled as well as it could have.

If you were to work on one area, working on your objection handling will lead to an immediate improvement in your results. This call proves that if handled “I am not interested” better, the call may have kept going and could have led to an appointment.

So what could I have said? Well, I asked her if she thought her resources were asking the right questions, and she said “No”. (This is hard to hear in the recording, and I had trouble hearing it on the call, which was part of the problem.)

My response was a little in direction of trying to overcome the objection – trying to take her from not interested to interested. But I did not have to do that and could have said something like this when this comes up in sales call script examples.

I understand. And I am not trying to sign you up for anything.

But I am a little confused. You said your resources might not be asking the right questions.

We help with that. I understand that I have called you out of the blue, you don’t know anything about us, and you probably have more important things to focus on right now.

But if you agree that it is important to ask the right questions and since that is what we help with, would it be worth 10 to 15 minutes of your time at some point to have a brief conversation.

We don’t have to do it today or tomorrow. We can do it next month. Three months from now. Whenever. We are not going anywhere. What do you think about starting with a conversation and we can pencil that in at whatever time frame works for you and your other priorities.


We hope these sales call script examples help give you some ideas that you can use on your calls!