We held a webinar on “10  for When You Feel Like You Suck at Sales” and sales tip 4 is to look for pain that you can fix.

The third item in this list of 10 sales tips is to identify the pain that you help to resolve. This can help you to quickly improve for a few different reasons and I will try to quickly outline those here.

Help to improve how you feel about your product offering
When you are a salesperson, you have a set of products (or services) and you likely get paid when you sell those products. You also probably have some sort of sales targets or quota with both of those factors, you can end up thinking about how to sell (and push) your products every day.

That is a reasonable mindset to have but it can lead to you feeling a bit needy. You have something to sell and you need people to talk to you and to buy from you. Not only is that a weak frame of mind, but it can also greatly impact what you say and how you communicate.

But does not have to be like that because the reality is that your products likely solve some sort of problem or pain point for your customers. When you fully realize this (and keep it in mind) you will understand that your prospects are the ones that are needy as they need your products to solve their pain.

Will take you away from trying to sell to everyone
One of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make is to spend valuable time trying to sell to everyone or to prospects that are not qualified.

These sales tips can help you to avoid that because when you realize you help to solve certain problems, you will have more clarity for which prospects you should spend your valuable time with.

Will help you to communicate better
When you are able to share with prospects the pain points that you help to resolve, you will communicate more clearly what your product does and why your prospect should purchase it.

For example, take a health supplement that creates some sort of health improvements. If you describe what the product is and how it works, the prospect might not understand what it is and why they need it. But with these sales tips and sharing the pain points you fix would be to explain the problems that the health supplement fixes.

If the prospect has any of those problems, they will quickly see why they should buy and you might generate interest. And if they do not have any of these problems, they may tell you this and you can then know that they are not a qualified prospect that you should spend your valuable time with.

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