We will share a prospecting letter sample here in this blog post. But before we share that, we want to outline some key concepts that this sales letter incorporates.


Don’t sound like a salesperson trying to sell something.

One of the key concepts that we want you to keep in mind with this prospecting letter sample is that we want you to minimize how much you sound like a salesperson trying to sell something, as this can decrease the prospect from deleting your message instantly.


Minimize the product and company details.

One way that we try to make you sound more like a business person than a salesperson is by minimizing building your email around talking about the company that you work for and the products that you sell.


Focus more on benefits offered and problems resolved.

Instead of talking about your company and products, we want you to focus more on the benefits that you provide and the problems that you help to resolve. In this prospecting letter sample, we focus on outlining some of the pain points that are resolved.

Subject line: Sometimes it can be tough to know what to say and ask when prospecting

Hello [Prospect First Name],

To quickly introduce myself, I am with SalesScripter and we find that it is very common for sales people to have challenges with:

  • Don’t know what to say and ask when prospecting
  • Not able to grab the prospect’s attention or effectively communicate
  • It can be tough to build a sales pitch that stands out from the rest and effectively communicates to prospects
  • Cold calling and prospecting can seem difficult and like running in place
  • It is difficult to generate leads and get their foot in the door with new clients
  • It can be difficult to consistently hit and exceed sales targets and objectives
  • Commissions and earnings are not at the level where they need to be

I am not sure if you are concerned about any of those and that is why I am reaching out to you. I will try to give you a call next week.

If you are interested in talking before then, I can schedule a brief 15 to 20 minute meeting next Tuesday or Thursday morning where we can discuss your goals and challenges and share any value and insight that we have to offer.

Best Regards,


How to Use this Email

It is important to point out that this email is not going to close the deal by itself. The first goal with a prospecting letter sample like this is to just avoid getting deleted immediately by the prospect.

If we are successful at that, then we are going in a good direction and we can then try to grab the prospect’s attention and build a little interest. And that is what talking about the pain points that you resolve will help to do.

After sending this, you might get a response. But you are not going to sit back and either expect or wait for that to happen. We recommend that you follow up on this prospecting letter sample with direct phone calls, periodic voicemail messages, and additional emails until you get a hold of the target prospect.