Here are some sample sales pitch examples:


Value Focused Sales Pitches

One trap that we can easily fall into when trying to deliver a sales pitch is that we can focus too much on our products and features. The problem with this is that the primary thing that the prospect cares about is “what is in it for me.” Getting your pitch so that you answer this will help you to grab the prospect’s attention and build interest.

In order to address that, you need to get above the details about the product to really answer what is in it for the prospect. Talking about the value that your products offer and what they help your customers to do or achieve is what will create a strong sample sales pitch.

We help businesses to decrease employee absenteeism.
We help to drive down inventory cost and do that be improving ordering accuracy.
We help executives to improve their visibility across operations and this can lead to improved decision making.
By helping executives to improve their decision making, we are often able to help executives to improve their compensation level and career advancement.

Pain Focused Sales Pitches

A value sales pitch will try to create interest by painting a picture of what the prospect can gain. You can come at it from the other side and focus on the challenges and pain that you help to fix. Here is a sample sales pitch.

Many VP’s of Marketing that we work with express challenges of not having enough marketing resources on staff to meet the workload of projects.
We often talk with IT directors that have challenges with visibility of the performance of the infrastructure.
Sales managers that we help are typically trying to decrease sales staff turnover and improve their ability to improve sales performance of the sales staff.

Product Focuses Sales Pitches

When you do use a sample sales pitch that focuses on your product, there are some key things that you can include to help you build interest and grab attention. Include details on how you differ, the ROI that you offer, and examples of how you helped another customer.

Some ways that we differ from other options out there are that we developed our own code, we use all full-time developers, and you can user our system without the need for any training.
Most of our clients are able to decrease costs after using our system to a level that the investment made is paid for within 18 months.
We worked with Stratosphere and helped them to improve their employee onboarding helping them to cut their new hire ramp up by 50%.


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