Here is a company introduction letter sample from our library of email templates. And just below the sample letter is a few key concepts that we take into consideration when we create a company introduction letter sample.

Subject line: It takes longer than needed to place a new hire

Hello [Prospect First Name],

The reason I am reaching out is that I am with [company name] and we find that it is very common for hiring managers to have challenges with:

  • It can take longer than needed to place a new hire
  • They are of not presented with the right candidates
  • It is difficult to find time for the interview process because of their everyday responsibilities

I am not sure if you are concerned about any of those and that is why I am reaching out to you and I will try to give you a call next week.

If you are interested in talking before then, I can schedule a brief 15 to 20 minute meeting next Tuesday or Thursday morning where we can discuss your goals and challenges and share any value and insight that we have to offer.

Best Regards,


Don’t Sound Like a Salesperson
One of the key concepts we think is important for introduction letters is to try to not sound like a salesperson trying to sell something. If that is in fact what you are, it is OK but you can have a better letter if you try to sound more like a business person than a salesperson.

Don’t Focus Too Much on Products and Company Details
One way to not sound like a salesperson is to resist the urge to share a bunch of details about your products and company in your company introduction letter sample.

Share Details About How You Help
You may think that if you don’t talk about your company and products, what are you going to have left to say? What you can talk about instead is sharing details around the improvements that you can help the prospect to see, problems you can help to resolve, or sharing an example of how you have helped one of your current or past customers.

Sell the Meeting, Not the Product
Be sure to design your introduction letter so that you are selling the meeting or conversation instead of trying to sell the product.

The Company Introduction Letter Sample
In the sample letter below, we have taken those concepts into consideration and have a letter or email that can be sent to a cold prospect to try to establish the dialogue. This particular letter is one of our templates that is for a campaign that is selling recruiting services and this message is designed to focus on the pain points that the service helps to resolve.

We hope this company introduction letter sample helps you to take your game to the next level.