We recently held a webinar where we outlined objection rebuttals and one of the sales objections we discussed was “I am not interested.” In this clip from the objection rebuttals webinar, we discuss a few options that you have for how to respond to this objection.


Don’t try to overcome the objection

One thing that your natural instincts will tell you to do is to try to overcome this sales objection. In other words, when someone says, “I am not interested”, you want to try to make them interested.

There are a lot of challenges with trying to go in this direction. The first thing to be aware of is that you are basically trying to change the prospect’s mind – they don’t want something, and you are trying to make them want it. That is tough to do in any scenario, and if you are prospecting, you are probably trying to do that on an extremely quick and short phone call.


Deflect to your pre-qualifying questions

If we agree to not use that and try to overcome the prospect, then we can try to just deflect the objection to try to keep the conversation going. Instead of trying to make the prospect interested with your objection rebuttals, just keep the conversation going, and you can do that by simply asking some of your pre-qualifying questions.

Your pre-qualifying questions will be unique to you and your product, so I can’t give you questions to ask. But here are some from one of our sales scripts where we are selling our own services, and maybe you can get some ideas from these.

I understand. If I could ask you real quick:

How important is it for you to improve the success you have when cold calling and prospecting?
How happy are you with your ability to generate leads and get your foot in the door with new clients?
Do you feel like you always know what best to say and ask when prospecting?
How do you feel about your ability to grab the prospect’s attention?
How happy are you with the sales pitch that you currently use? Do you feel like you currently have any type of sales pitch?


Deflect to common pain points

You could also deflect with your objection rebuttals toward some of the pain points that you help to resolve. Again, those are going to be unique for you and your product, but here are some examples from our sales pitch.

I understand. When we talk with other businesses, they often express challenges with:

Cold calling and prospecting can seem difficult and sometimes like a waste of time
It can be difficult to generate leads and get into new accounts
It can be tough to know what to say and ask when prospecting
It can be unclear how to create a good call script
It can be tough to create a sales pitch that is powerful and is attention grabbing
It can be difficult to consistently hit and exceed sales targets and objectives
Commissions and earnings are sometimes not at the level where they need to be

Are you concerned about any of those areas?

We hope this helps you get some new ideas with how you use your objection rebuttals.