We recently held a webinar on “How to Always Know the Right Sales Questions to Ask,” and here is a recording of that with the slides available for download.


The Best Salesperson is the One that Asks the Best Questions

A lot of salespeople spend energy trying to figure out what to say to make prospects interested in buying their product. Instead of trying to figure out what to say, we believe that salespeople can create better improvement in their sales by figuring out what to ask.

By simply asking good sales questions when talking with prospects, you can expect to see some of these immediate improvements:

  • Make a good impression: Regardless of how much knowledge you have about your product, your industry, or even selling in general, if you ask good questions, you will appear more polished, professional, and knowledgeable.
  • Extract valuable information: Good sales questions will help you to extract valuable details about the prospect and those can greatly improve your decision-making throughout the sales process.
  • Establish and keep conversations going: If you are at the very beginning of the sales process and just trying to get your foot in the door of new accounts, asking questions is going to be an effective way of establishing and keeping conversations going.
  • Make conversations more about the prospect: Making a conversation more about the prospect than about your product can help in a number of ways, and asking questions is the best way to shift the conversation more toward them.
  • Create more of a consultative selling pitch: The best way to try to be more of a consultative salesperson is to ask more sales questions in your sales pitch.
  • Build more trust and rapport: When you ask good questions when you work with a prospect, they will trust you more as they will feel like you understand them more, that you are looking out for their best interests, and that you are not just trying to push a product on them.


Four Types of Questions

In this webinar, we discuss four types of questions:

  • Qualifying: Questions that help to measure or assess how good the prospect is in terms of needing to purchase what you sell as well as being able to purchase from a funding and authority standpoint.
  • Pre-Qualifying: This helps to do a partial or preliminary assessment of how close the prospect is to fitting with and needing the products and services that you sell.
  • Closing: We discussed questions to help you with closing prospects at different stages of the sales process.
  • General Meeting Questions: We outlined some questions that you can use when starting out meetings with prospects. Nothing revolutionary but maybe some new ideas for some.


We hope this webinar recording and slide deck helps you improve your ability to ask the right sales questions when talking with prospects!