It can be difficult figuring out how to write a cold call script. You only have a few minutes to work with on a cold call and this makes it very tricky to identify what to say and what not to say.

We hope to alleviate some of those questions in this video where we will provide a crystal clear structure for how to write a cold call script. We will outline some core concepts that you should keep in mind when cold calling and break down a cold call into different segments and give you ideas for what you can put into each section.

Here are some of the main sections of this cold calling sales methodology.

You probably don’t need too much help with the introduction section of your cold call script. But stopping to think about what you will say to gatekeepers or how you will introduce yourself to the target contact might be a good step to take.

Attention Grabbing Statement
Your attention-grabbing statement is a sentence or two that communicates how you can help the prospect. This is delivered right at the beginning of the call and is not only designed to grab their attention, but also communicate what angle you are coming from.

In this how to write a cold call script sales methodology, we want you to use this attention-grabbing statement where other salespeople will typically talk about their company or product. By making this small change, you will see an immediate improvement in how calls start out.

Disqualify Statement
The next section in how to write a cold call script is completely optionally and that is to deliver a disqualify statement. This is a soft statement that expresses doubt on whether or not the prospect needs or fits with what you have to offer.

This may sound a little counterintuitive, but keep in mind that you are expressing doubt, not a confirmation that they do not fit. The purpose of this sales tactic is that it will help to disarm the sales prospect and may even create a little curiosity.

Qualifying Questions
The main central section of the script and foundational piece of the sales methodology is to ask some qualifying questions. These are going to be some questions that try to determine how things are going on the prospect’s side in the areas that you can help.

These questions are going to be very helpful to your cold call because they are going to provide an opportunity for you to get the prospect more engaged and contribute to the conversation. They will also allow you to sound more like a consultant and less like a salesperson.

Common Pain Examples
The next section of your script can be a placeholder for you to share some examples of common problems that you help to fix. If you did not uncover any of these when you asked some questions, just give them some examples and see if they can relate.

Building Interest Points
You don’t need to build enough interest to get the prospect to buy your product on a cold call. But you do need to build enough interest so that you can get the prospect to agree to move to the next step in your sales process.

Every script should include details around what you are trying to close for.


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