One of the levers that you can move up and down when building your email drip marketing campaigns is the amount of time that you leave between the emails that you send out. Basically, there are certain groups where you should send emails more frequently and be a little more aggressive and there are other groups where it might be wise to spread your emails out a bit.

To help you to get your hands around how much or little to email to a contact, we created three different pursuit levels for you to consider.

Persistent Pursuit Level
The persistent pursuit level is one where we are going to email a contact very frequently. This could vary in terms of exactly how frequently but this could include email drip campaigns that email your contact every day, every other day, a few times a week, or once a week.

Of course, there are only certain contacts that you would want to be this persistent with. For example, someone that opted in on your website would qualify for this level of pursuit and frequency of marketing emails. But you would not want to email a vendor that you have done business with in the past every couple of days with an email drip campaign.

There is no recommended number for how many emails to send to email marketing campaigns that have this pursuit level. You will just want to keep sending them emails until they either purchase or unsubscribe from your list.

Medium Pursuit Level
The next level down is the medium pursuit level. This is where we might send emails either twice per week or once per week.

This is a frequency that we might use with contacts that we are trying to actively sell to. For example, we may have a target list of contacts or accounts. As we are trying to get a hold of these contacts or penetrate these accounts, we can apply this medium pursuit level. It is a step down from persistent because the contact has not opted in so we do not want to be so aggressive that we push the prospect away. But we also don’t want to spread the emails so far out so that we don’t get the prospect’s attention.

You might want to put a limit on the total number of emails that you send these contact of 3 to 6 and mix it in with some sort of call cadence that includes call attempts, voicemail messages, calls with no voicemail messages, and voicemail follow-up emails.

Subtle Pursuit Level
The last pursuit level is subtle and this is where you could spread emails out to either once a week, once a month, or once per quarter.

This a good pursuit level for all of the contacts that you want to generally stay in contact with. That can either be old customers, prospects that went cold, referral partners, etc. You basically want to use this type of email drip marketing approach so that you stay fresh in the contact’s mind in case things change and they are ready to purchase from you or if they can refer business to you.

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