In this video, we discuss how to come up with a sales pitch. Coming up with a sales pitch is not easy because you might not know what to say. Or you might be on the other end of the spectrum and have too much to say and not know how to fit it all into a concise sales pitch. The process we will show you will solve both of those problems by providing a step-by-step process to brainstorm and organize the optimum things to say.

Step 1 – Product
The first step in how to come up with a sales pitch is to brainstorm key details about your product or service. Try to outline key details about the product, the features it includes, and ways it is different from the competition.

Step 2 – Target Audience
The second step is to identify the target audience for this sales pitch. This is a key step because changing the audience will most likely require changing the sales pitch.

Step 3 – Value
The third step in the process for how to come up with a sales pitch is to identify the value the product can deliver to the target audience. The goal here is to identify three to six improvements the customer will likely see when they use the product or service.

Step 4 – Pain Points
The next step is to identify pain points the product can help resolve, minimize, or avoid. One trick is to look back at your value points in step 3 because for each improvement, there is usually an opposite problem that is fixed.

Step 5 – Questions
The next step in how to come up with a sales pitch is to create good questions to ask for the product or service being sold. Good questions to ask are pain questions that probe to see if the prospect has the pain points your product can help with. For this, look back at the pain points you came up with in step 4 because, for each pain point, there is a question that could be asked to see if that is a concern.

You can also create current state questions, which are questions that try to learn what the prospect is doing in the area where you have something to offer.

Step 6 – Customer Example
The last step is to create a short customer example to share as part of your sales pitch. If you can think of a customer to whom you sold the product, try to think of a problem they had before purchasing from you and a few improvements they were able to realize by using your product. With those details, you can create a very clear and concise customer example to share.


We hope these steps help you with how to come up with a sales pitch!